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  1. So, people were discussing the NPC capture issue, with one side saying it created less demand for crafters and encouraged a suicidal playstyle, while the other side made the argument that capturing ships is what this game is all about for a lot of people, crafting wasn't impacted THAT much, cheaper ships means people would be willing to stay and fight more often, etc. What came into my head while reading this is that both sides have legitimate points, and that if AI capture was disallowed again, it would make the AI fleets like robots in a disney boat ride....pretty to look at but not some
  2. This might be the most modified game mechanic until now and I would like to share some more ideas here. I have seen in different threads similar ideas, and here is my total RoE package for a robust, fun and sustainable PvP environment on the open sea. The Concept: The main difference here for the initiation of OS engagements is, that the location is not only factor for determining the allocation of ships in the instance, but also the time itself. So, basically after the OS attacking, the instance is created. And any ship, outside this first initiation circle, would be joining to the i
  3. It would be really helpful if we could see the server time easily, especially on OW. If it was part of the drop down menu of your ship, that would be fantastic!
  4. I see a problem with Counter tagging. Counter tagging is used by people who don't want to get caught. It works in the way that you tag the hunter as soon as possible (So that you spawn as far away as possible in the battle instance). This makes it very hard and time consuming, and in many cases even impossible to catch a trader. So here is my suggestion. Introduce a second tag radius. The first radius is as big as currently in game, however it is only possible to tag people in front of you. Tagging people who are behind you is impossible. The exact angles can be discussed, but I think
  5. I would like to suggest a selectable practice mission, or different selectable practice missions like Admiralty missions. The reason for this is; - whe can practice what a new bought/crafted/modified ship can do (speed, rate of turn etc. etc.) - see wat diffrent calibres medium/long/carronades gun's can do and how they perform on different gun decks. - practice Naval tactics with a group of player's (Line of battle) - we can practice without taking damage from enemy fire - new players I would suggest that with different practice missions, how many practice targets would appear in the practi
  6. Hello, I was sailing with friends between grand anse / terre de bas . (EUpvp1 french nation) Suddendly, without any notice, i got a battle ending screen poping up. I was on the OW, not in battle, i didnt have any lag i could notice, ships around me were looking as usual. I was not disconnected at any time during this game session. I was on Teamspeak when it happened and i didnt get any disconnect there nor any voice distortion. So after this battle screen popped without any notice, i pressed OK, no other choice. It put me on a port window, for a port called "unknown port", and my ship
  7. I have a little suggestion that maybe can hep balancing the conquest game. What if, after a nation conquers any port, the same nation has to maintain an occupation force in the city just conquered. It will mean that to "keep" the town the nation has to commit some forces to it. Maybe some players have to build an outpost, or any other special building to maintain possession. If this is not done, after a period of time, city can go back to a neutral state. Another solution would be that the conquering nation has to do some upkeep routinely, like maintaining a garrison or something like t
  8. Sporatische information zu diesem Feature wurden auf dem Russischen Forum geleakt also müssen wir es nun mit allen teilen. Wir arbeiten an etwas sehr großen welches 90% der Zeit der entwikler und dem Art team in anspruch genommen hat seit Oktober: Wir haben der Unity Engine begebracht landmassen von unseren procedualen Open world in die Schlachten zu übertragen. Wenn du ein Spieler im Kanal von Hispaniola angreifst wirst du in diesem Kanal kämpfen Wenn du ein Spieler in einem engen Passage angreifst (bei Bensalem) wirt diese im Gefecht vorhandensein Wenn ein Spieler jemand
  9. At the moment , travel time is dead time. I propose that you should gain experience for travelling across the map. However, you should not get experience for sailing through the same areas over and over. If the map were discreetly divided into grid squares, then you could gain experience for travelling through a new grid square but not for one you've already visited (this could be reset perhaps once a week). This means that if you're just running missions in an area (e.g. Jamaica) you're not gaining much travel xp. I think we need to reward players for striking out and exploring new seas. It
  10. I've been watching my wind gauge when OW sailing for a while now and as far as I can tell the wind only EVER backs (moves anti-clockwise)!!!! It backs at a constant rate I'd like to see the wind in OW veer sometimes and not to change direction at such a predictable rate.
  11. Think of what is possible ... if you support allowing some players the option of viewing the game from the deck of the ship to use a less limited view please reply with your support. Sailing in the open world can be amazingly beautiful. Recently the camera movement has been severely limited. It’s not clear if this by design or the key binding has been changed or if the camera movement function will be restored in the future. Movement now is limited and jerky. The result is when moving about the deck the camera seems to be bouncing around. Previously the movement was very fluid. The
  12. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Surprise in OW
  13. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Belle Poule in OW
  14. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Renommee in OW
  15. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Frigate "Cherubim" in OW
  16. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Essex in OW
  17. From the album: Light Ships

    The Mercury Brig in OW
  18. From the album: Light Ships

    The Brig in OW
  19. From the album: Light Ships

    The Navy Brig in OW
  20. From the album: Light Ships

    The Lynx in OW
  21. From the album: Light Ships

    The Cerberus in OW
  22. From the album: Light Ships

    The Yacht in OW
  23. From the album: Light Ships

    The Pickle in OW
  24. From the album: Light Ships

    The Snow in OW
  25. From the album: Light Ships

    The Privateer in OW
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