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Found 38 results

  1. One of my clan members! It is getting annoying that te home fleets are increasingly tagging outside their zone
  2. France on Naval action deserves more flags. Such an historical navy deserve to have a lot more flags. I would like with this topic to send a message so the creators of this beautiful game will add some more cool french flags !:) I think that we should start with the adding of the White flag without any symbol, which was the flag of the royal French navy, and that when ships are being captured, for being historically correct, instead of the white flag, only to display no flag, as it was the way to do. This will allow France Royal Navy to flow its true original flags, and so more !:) the true white royal flag is a must have ! and also the French modern national flag’s (blue white red) dimensions must be changed, as the white is wider that the blue, and the red is wider than the white for the French navy flag it is important that the white is bigger than the blue, and that the red is bigger than the white. Also the blue colour must be almost dark black. i also propose to add more flags like : Louis XIV blue standart with the sun and his motto Nec Pluribus Impar, which would be a cool name for a flag. And the flag of Saint-Malo, thé white cross with blue corner, and one red one, used by Surcouf, the famous corsaire, and other corsaire. Also the blue flag with fleurs de lys would be very nice to see in game. there is a picture of all flags that were used by French ships in the Americas.really cool one !!! There is the flag of the French India company. And the flag of New France! I hope you will enjoy these flags, and maybe you will put some of them in the game. I’ll be the happiest, and France will be cool, and the game will be awesome ! thank you !
  3. The community on the Global Chat is kinda funny and people try to organize duels in the PatrolZone, but its not always easy cause the mess on the waves. So why dont we try to develop this particular feature, Solo PVP in the PatrolZone, to a better and higher level, with both duelists streaming the fight on Twitch/Youtube/Whatever and the NA community betting (dubloons, reals, upgrades, whatever but not RL money) on the winner?
  4. Midshipman Maturin in his first battle. Watch and tell me what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geE_eknyuZA
  5. Werte Kapitäne, im September 2015 - noch während der Closed Beta Phase - entschlossen sich viele deutsche Spieler dazu, in der schwedischen Nation zu dienen. Unter der Flagge des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation fanden und finden sich Spieler von Flensburg bis ins Tiroler Land zusammen. Seitdem besteht die [HRE] als einer der ältesten deutschsprachigen Clans in Naval Action, hat viele Höhen und Tiefen erlebt und steht weiterhin im Kampf für die schwedische Nation ihren Mann. Die HRE bietet allen deutschsprachigen Spielern eine Heimat und eine tolle Gemeinschaft für alle relevanten Aspekte von Naval Action: - Ist Handeln deine Welt? - Produzierst du gern Rohstoffe, Güter und Schiffe? - Suchst du Schlachten und Herausforderungen? - Bist du ein Haudegen, der in Portbattleflotten dabei sein will? - Bist du ein Jäger oder Kundschafter? Egal ob Produzent oder Kaperkapitän - oder eine Summe aus anderen Ideen - die HRE ist ein deutschsprachiger Clan, der tüchtigen und angehenden Kapitänen ein langfristiges Zuhause bietet! Ein installiertes Teamspeak und Mikro sind wichtig, aber nicht zwingend. Vollmitglieder sollten das Tutorial (Endurance Exam) bestanden haben, alles weitere findet sich. ...und wir bieten noch viel mehr: - ein Bootcamp für neue/ unerfahrene/ ehemals berentete Kapitäne - PvP und PvE in Gruppen - diverse Guides zu Schiffen, zu Gefechten und zum Kapern - Trainings mit erfahrenen Offizieren und Kameraden - Schiffe, Kanonen und Startkapital Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung! Sprich uns ingame an, besuche unsere Website unter https://hre-clan.com/ oder schnack mit uns auf dem schwedischen Teamspeak Server! Wechsele dort in den Kanal “Join HRE”
  6. hi, I have this Problem: How could I play this game ? :/ Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
  7. 1) When will the game be finally released? 2) Will current players keep their ships, resources, gold, rank, crafting level? 3) Will there be the possibility to change the name of my captain? (I have a different name in Naval Action Legends than I have in Naval Action. I would like to have the same name in both.)
  8. Hey everyone, I have a question about Solo Challenge. I know its solo, which I am very happy with, yet if I go in battle there, will I get xp and gold for fighting? Or is it just a test for the real fights? Where you get no xp or gold?
  9. I just made a forum about the capping cirkel thing... then i went into another fight , and guess what? AdmiralWang (extremely racist , calling americans and europeans stupid) went for the cirkel in the first minute. It was boring as hell. This will continue to happen every fight. Then we have the people i fought against... AdmiralWang saying: china is number one , american are stupid , european are stupdi , round eyes are stupid. He is extremely racist. I am 100% done with this game. Naval Action legends could have really worked out. Like ... really good. But it wont happen. People like AdmiralWang spoil the game. Partly because of their attitude , partly because of the cirkels. What a dissapointment that this game wont become good. Loads of naval action players i have met in the past years , were amazing. And i will really miss them. This was a great community , with great people. They even made a other version for other players.. amazing. But this spoils it. Lets face facts.. naval action wont work out if this issent handled hard. Naval action has bin for a few years now in beta.. i have told my friends about the game , about the great community.. and even they.. who love games.. wont even try it. They did look at it though. If problems like these people/cirkels wont be solved... naval action is dead. Case closed. It would be really sad... cause i met some great people on here. I cant post the screenshot sadly because its only allowed to be 1.85MB , mine is bigger it seems. Well... i am gonna miss most of you guys... i will keep looking on naval action legends and on the forums , if anything changes.. then ill come back... but yeh.... this is it. Bye
  10. Today , and some more days in the last weeks.... i did not have fun at naval action legends. This is because of capping cirkels. Wen i go in and sail and fight , i want to have a fun fight. I dont care if i lose or win , as long as it is fun. But once they enemy captures our cirkel in the first few minutes... its really boring and annoying. Loads of people think this... But i got some solutions for this problem. 1. Make a SingelPlayer/Multiplayer Button. How it works: If you dont want people to be an ass and you just want a match were you only fight , you click on singelplayer , instant fight and only bots. ( I personally Would like this alot ) 2. Make the cirkels disappear. How it works: Let there be no cirkels/bases anymore. Problems Solved. You cant be an ass by capping it in the last minute or in the first minute.. and everyone has a good time. Problem Solved. I would really appreciate it if the admins/ people who can change this would take a good look at this. One of the 2 solutions above here would make it work :). Here is a screenshot from what happened today:
  11. Hii Everyone , i made a club called: The Dutch Empire - Naval Action , which you can join if you're dutch , ofcourse too if your not , just dont see why. But for anyone who wants to join our server: https://discord.gg/8GM64M Everyone is welcome Dutch: Hey iedereen , ik heb een club gemaakt: The Dutch Empire - Naval Action , je kan joinen als je nederlands bent , natuurlijk ook als je niet nederlands bent , ik zie alleen niet waarom. Maar voor iemand die onze server wil joinen: https://discord.gg/8GM64M Iedereen is welkom
  12. Hey everyone! Good morning! I have a question... does anyone know the exact times wen the Legends server goes up? Or arent there really exact times? Because yesterday it was almost not online... but the day before that it was the whole time online.. and now it has not bin online.. and i want to play legends , so does anyone know? ?
  13. Hello everybody. I wanted to tell you guys something. Once i started to play naval action [ a few years ago ] they told me that i am the first kid here. At first i was afraid.. what might people say? What might they think of me? As some of you may know , i have showed bad attitude a few years ago sometimes. I was angry... and did not have myself under controlle. I have improved though. Allthough , i am still a kid [14 years old]. Looking at my school , there are bullies. Most kids put a mask [ figurely ] on and they act like they are cunts. They are mean to people , they bully , they lie , they stab eacother in the back. I see it happening in school everyday. After a year.. i desided that i never wanted to see a kid in naval action. The reason is because they will put that mask on again [ figurely]. They are insecure and they are afraid of adults. I have seen that they are.. they barely dared to talk to parents from eachother. So they will do those things i have said before here too. Now lets get to the point here , i think this community is lovely , sweet people , nice people , if you are reading this , you are awesome , know that. But kids will destroy this community. Yesterday in the evening i was in a naval action legends battle. On 2 sides the battle was going on. I left from the right side to the left side to help my friend out , he asked if i could help him defeat a brig. After that.. wen the fight was almost over.. i almost won..then there was this one person.. who went for the cirkel and won because of taking the cirkel. He said: HAHAHAHAHHA! MORON! I asked him why he didnt fight.. and why he fled from battle. Then he lied by saying this: YOU WERE THE ONE RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME MORON! From this moment on i knew he was a kid. Normally... after i win or after i get beaten.. i say: good battle! Good job! Well played mate! But this kid attacked me right away..[with words]. After that i was annoyed and wanted to make sure that this awesome community will not fall because of kids who are triggered. After that me and Liq spoke about it in the chat or a short while. He said this: Dont worry Timo , these kids just go here and see its not a simple CoD were you get everything you want in one day , they will all leave soon. Allthough many will join right now because of legends.. but they will leave soon. [I have asked Liq if i was allowed to say his name]. I gotta say: I hope he is right. First of all i do think he is right , kids want simple games they can compleet in a few days. But i also hope he is right... otherwise kids are gonna destroy this community with their cruel behavior. They will take any chance to bring you down if that makes them better. I am not saying all kids are like this , because not all kids are like this. And i would be happy if those kids who are not like this would join our community.. but those who are like this.. i hope they will leave soon. I love this community and i love the people here. I dont want you guys to get your feelings hurt by some stupid kids. I just wanted to say this to you guys.. have a great day .
  14. The Naval Action You Tube video Series for NA Noobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAeqYuI_-C8&feature=youtu.be Describing some Patch changes and new things I have learned. Viscount of the Bahamas and the West End Port Battles. Trying to cap an Indefatigable in a Surprise. Too much salt is bad for you, The Dead Man's Chest and Strange sightings in Little Inagua!
  15. Hi! I am curious to know the internet speed requirements for a painless Naval Action experience? I would allso like to know what is the data excange between my client and the NA server, giving the fact that i want to use my phone as hotspot for my gaming wich has limited internet access. Thank you!
  16. Latest in series of You Tube vids made by a noob, made for noobs: Episode 6 - 'Piracy Settings'Sailing around the Caribbean with the 'Crazy' Pirates in a Surprise looking for PVP (and poor defenceless traders). Many battles won, the Danes lose 3 Indefatigables, a long chase after a chunky Cerberus and a Surprise gets a nasty surprise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05d4Z0eVrJs
  17. Latest Episode of: Pirate Chronicles Naval action posted on you tube: Laugh at a noob trying to learn to play the game properly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzZKtrMsce8 Cheers
  18. it begins today. Are you tired of the game you bought and paid for no longer being FUN to play, why is it not fun you might say; a. massive timesink - the only people that will sail big ships and be able to afford repairs etc will be those in large clans who bypass most of the problems through volume, the solo casual player has no options except to buy multiple accounts if he/she wants to sail anything bigger than a belle poule. b. Grind,grind and more grind - the game know has grind in its very lifeblood, driving players away, forcing players to grind the same content over and over again until all joy is sucked out of the OW -the dementor syndrome (HP Fans) c. Voice not being listened to - When did you last feel a change was made to the game that made it better, gave you better quality of life in game than before and was not shouted down by the hardcore pvp realism armchair admirals. d. Choices should be optional - If I want teleport - option on/off, if I want navigation grid and position - option on/off, if I want deliveries - option on/off. If some armchair admiral wants to play the game sitting in his rocking chair outside with the fan blowing full in his face and his neighbour spraying him with a garden hose while he pukes in a bucket to simulate "realism" - no there should not be an option for this but he can go right ahead and do it but stop letting his quest for realism ruin my game. e. Make things easier for new players - Please realize without an influx of new players this game dies, it becomes stale, it loses new ideas and inputs and becomes a fanboi product with people who ram their version of this is how it should be played down everyones throat. f. Fix the economy - Econ does not work, either fix it for the small playerbase that plays this game or return it to where it was when npcs sold stuff, g. Devs stop listening to just the hardcore, realism fanbois - you have an entire different type customer out here that you pretty much ignore, and all he wants is a game he can play casually and have some fun. h. The game will lose all these hardcore pvp monkeys to Arena mode, please ignore everything they say about developing this game - wake up and smell the coffee, these guys need to be preening their plumage and leeting it up all the time you really think they will stay fully active on OW where it will take an hour to get a fight when they can be demonstrating how leet they are in Arena mode every 20 mins and will probably have some sort of leet pvp leaderboard so they can show pics to their friends and family. There are many more reasons for MNAFA but I will begin it with the reasons outlined above. Start to insist that the devs MNAFA from today, reclaim the game from the crazies and lets get the game we want, a fun, engaging, age of sail mmo not the mess that it has become. Add MNAFA to your post, +1 this thread, like this post, lets see where this goes. Maybe just maybe there are enough who feel annoyed like me to begin something if not then at least i tried.
  19. Hi, I've put together a few youtube videos of me learning to play Naval Action. I am pretty noob so don't be expecting to learn a great deal from these if you are an experienced player already. It's just a record of someone new to the game gradually trying to learn how to play properly (and I'm defo not there yet!) and how the game seems from the perspective of a newer player. If you are new to the game there might be a few bits of useful info you can pick up. Bear in mind that episodes 1-3 are pre-10.0 patch so some of the info will be redundant now. Episode 4 is a relatively comprehensive explanation of a lot of the 10.0 patch changes, so could hopefully be useful for anyone. I've made them for a bit of a laugh, only because I enjoy making them and learning to use the video editing software, so it's all just for fun (I honestly couldn't care less how many views I get) but someone commented and kindly said they enjoyed them and suggested I post them here, so I have linked Episode 1-4 below and will update whenever I upload a new episode. If anyone gets some useful information or a bit of entertainment from them, then that's an added bonus for me. Any comments on the videos and/or any of the game mechanics I might not have fully understood are welcome, as are links to relevant learning resources. Hope you enjoy them:
  20. Issue#2: July 15th (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) Issue#1: May 24th This is the inaugural issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette. (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) It is my attempt at creating a role-play newspaper for the PvP EU server with help from @Cornelis Tromp. The newspaper will contain Naval Action news, role-play, advertisements, historical references and any other content that I deem fitting. I will try to keep this newspaper going for a long time, and to keep it regularly updated. I will not commit to a specific timetable for delivery of issues however. My goal is to keep the newspaper especially apprised of RvR developments. While the title of the paper suggest the Danish connection, I hope that it will be a worthwhile read for any captain of any nation in Naval Action. Anyone on the server are welcome to request the placement of advertisements in the Gazette. You can design your advertisement yourself, or I can do it to your specifications. Advertisements could be for selling items in-game, offering services, looking for a clan or a clan recruiting members. Anything you could think of that is game-related. The Newspaper title and design is strongly inspired by the historical Danish West Indies newspaper «The St. Croix Gazette», briefly named the «The Royal St. Croix Gazette». It was also published for a time under the name «Dansk Vestindisk regierings Avis». For a long time it was named the «Royal Danish-American Gazette». To avoid confusion with the same role-play newspaper by @Niels Terkildsen I chose a different name. You can find his great Newspaper here: It is what I try to emulate and aspire towards. I am attempting to mix historical accuracy, role-play and game-references. None of which will be fully accurate nor is that the intention. I will try to adopt a somewhat realistic language of the period, though this is a very tough challenge that hopefully I can aspire towards as I get more experience creating new issues. For my Newspaper I chose to use a 220 year date conversion. A bonus from this is that the weekdays in the year 1797 correspond exactly to the days of the week in 2017. This first issue is meant to play on the fact of today’s wipe. Therefore several references are made to it. I use the metaphor of a Hurrican hitting the Caribbean to this effect. To reinforce this I have printed a copy of a letter from the American statesman and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He grew up in the West-Indies, and he lived in St. Croix part of the Danish West Indies when a terrible hurricane hit the islands in 1772. He wrote a letter which was printed in the Royal Danish-American Gazette, and caused the merchants of Christianstæd to take up collection to send the young boy to the American colonies to get an education. There he became one of the most important figures in American history. I hope that you will enjoy reading my newspaper. I will keep this topic and OP updated with all the issues I produce. You are welcome to subscribe to the topic. Any contributions are also welcomed. Also feedback and tips on improvements.
  21. Hi guys, I have been playing this game since Sea Trials and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the latest community rage and the whole aggression between some of its members and developers forced me to write my opinion and thoughts about that. I hope some of you will agree with me and let them do their job as they intended to... Whole article was published here: http://www.gamepressure.com/e.asp?ID=1448
  22. Hello, Admin of Naval Action give Navalaction-france an interview to deals with the game and this features. The interview is in french and in English. You can find it there : Interview Have a good time reading it
  23. After waiting days In Port Carlisle for the prices of my investment in Lancashire Iron to improve I set out in my trader Brig for Port Morant. I had my head up was watching vigilantly. I noticed a small Pirate Lynx that passed me heading west as I rounded the point east of Carlisle. She came about and shadowed me to our stern on our heading. With my fleet of a cutter and lynx and the proximity of several healthy British war ships, and our capital, I was not seriously concerned about the little pirate. Then as I was on approach to Morant ... a Trincomalee charged out from Port Royal our west bearing down on us. From the Ships Log DAY 1 13:30hr 22:05rt Steady w-WNW Pirate Lynx bearing E - Heading E on our stern. She maintained this course and steadily gained. After a few hrs a Pirate Trincomalee also came up fast from west out of the the inside passage (SE of Port Royal) It was Blackjack Morgan. He slowed on approach to match my slower speed and engaged. First as I sat with no canvas he did nothing. Then as I started to move he fired some shot into my sails I ordered my fleet to escape and dropped my sails. Morgan approached our portside for boarding and I ordered all crew to the sails and repair. In spite of the horrendous damage to the sails they repaired them with lightning speed as if by magic. Ordering full sails I tried first bearing away to the east but the Trincomalee was much too fast so I turned to starboard and tested the ship on a beam reach. Still we were much much slower. Then Morgan connected a volley with our main mast and carried her away. We hailed him and indicated that we surrender and he replied to do so formally. We did. And In a heartbeat I was alone on the ocean. My ship, my fleet and Morgan was gone. My losses were very high. Over $200,000 which is the majority of my investment. I have not counted the losses to manpower. (Officers and crew). Now although I blame myself entirely, I do wonder if it does not seem reasonable to expect some level of protection in the home waters so close to our Capital. Are these pirates permitted to operate with total impunity, entirely unopposed.
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