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Found 13 results

  1. Open Letter To The Devs Of Naval Action First of, i apologize for any grammar mistakes i make because english isnt my native tongue. So i played Naval Action for about 560 hours and want to give out my feeback directly to the community and the developers. The first time i saw this game was about 3 years ago, when i noticed its available on steam i instantly bought it for a proud price of around 37€. I knew it was an early Alpha, and i was aware of that danger, but none the less i bought and installed it. I was and still am fascinated about the deep and complex system of building a ship, trading, exploring and fighting. The learning curve is great but there are some proplems which i would like to list up. When i started playing about 4000 people played it actively and i had to wait half an hour to get on a server, now the maximum of players is about 500 to 600 people and there are now only 2 servers, one pvp and one pve, which i have no problem with. There are reasons why my friends call this game "Naval No-Action", "Sailing Simulator" or even "Grandpa Action". Naval Action consumes alot of time which reflects in the player base. In my experience mostly elderly people play this game, which is not a problem, considered they got more time so they use it to get the full potential out of this game. Here is one big problem, Naval Action in fact, consumes so much time i spend real hours on the sea to reach my goal of finding an enemy player or reaching a port. For me as a student, its not really optimal. Your Input in the game is not greatly rewarding you. If you put hours into the game, gathering resources, doing missions to get a new ship, it can be taken away from you in no time if you dont be cautious enough, making your whole effort worthless. I dont say its always worthless, but for new players it is. The only way to get started is with help from other players and clans, giving you money and a better ship. The new missions are a complete disaster! I started with some friends after a long brake on GB once again, so you start some missions as you normally do to get your rank ups, but no. Its not like you sail to your mission and finish it anymore. You now have to sail around the open world finding your target you need to eliminate, i am talking about those Search and Destroy and Hunt Missions. So now you need to spend even more time finding random generated npc fleets on the big open world, great. And if thats not all, NPC dont spawn anywhere, you need to sail to nearby enemy ports to get a chance of encountering some, wasting even more time in the process. Some of the DLC's are pure money grabs! The Profilic Forger DLC is the most disgusting cash grab i ever saw. 20€ for chaning your name and your nation every 30 days? Some time ago you could change a nation for FREE but limited, and that was fine. The game has a problem with his sound and atmosphere, dont get me wrong. I love hearing the water, the ship whistles, the men shouting if you shock the enemy ship, the cannonballs hitting your ship, its fantastic. But it the cannon fire doesnt really sound good to me, its sounds weak not really menacing. Music is missing entirely, making the game sound not bad, but just empty. The graphics are really nice to look at, as well as the ship details but combat doesnt seem to change the appearance heavily. Of course you got your holes in the sails and missing masts, making your ship pretty slow. Then you got fire which burns parts of your ship, leaving burned wood behind. But lets not talk about those cheap texture holes on the hull, they do look good if they spread out and are not in a big number and overlapping each other. I think now its the time for some ideas to get the game back on route. make the game a bit more casual - i know this hurts some historical and simulations fans, but if you want the game to survive make it more casual for a younger and larger audience (dont forget, more people = more cash ) , the learning curve itself is completely fine and should stay that way if you bring out DLC's, make them cosmetic and ship only - DLC's like the Hercules or the Le Requin are a good idea but be cautious about the balancing please. I heard something about a Flag DLC which is a really good idea to support the devs and the game, keep that up, people always buy cosmetics like crazy atmospheric enhancements - more and better sounds, i dont care for a large number of crewmen running around the ship (even though it would be awesome) getting blown off it by enemy volleys, take a look at Empire or Napoleon Total War, thats how you make atmospheric sea battles (i know the engine is limited but ideas won't hurt anyone), cannons getting destroyed by impact of enemy cannon balls, whole hull parts get blown out which can be repaired by planks and so on |--> less first rates, more frigates - there are way too many first rates its unbelievable, they should be very rare in open world battles as well as in port battles make the game less time consuming - make the map smaller or increase the open world ship speed, less time consuming --> larger audience I think that should be enough for now, i know no game is perfect but NA got potential to be one hell of a game, my advice: look at other games like Napoleon/Empire Total War, Port Royale Series, Sea Dogs and so on, it helps! Thanks for reading! Greetings, Dallas
  2. Dear devs! i hope someone read this, i will try to make it short I bought this game for fleet vs. fleet combat.Back in the days it was awesome to battle enemy fleets with the support of friendly a.i. fleet. Its the only way kinda new players can enjoy bigger naval battles with sub 3rd rate ships. You find NO ONE that is willing to join you in a fleet mission in chat.And you woud need 3-5 guys to have a chance to succeed. And even if i coud fight 6th rate enemy fleet with my 4th rate, its just not comparable with fighting alongside a fleet of your own. Building up a own fleet of a.i. through perks is simply not affordable in the long for a casual player like me. I dont want to fight in 1 vs. 1 bot matches again and again.Thats not what makes this game great to me. PVP is really no option for me because i mainly play 5th to 4th rates and you need 3rd-1st rate to beeing able to participate with a chance for success. Adding a.i. for both sides in fleet missions will keep many players entertained that are leaving the game right now and quit because its just boring to battle 1 bot. I want to keep on playing this game the way it meant to be, *FLEET ACTION* , and its better to fight alongside with a littlebit chaotic acting allies then *NOBODY* at all. i read it many times, and most people dont tell about it in forums and just leave.Its just no fun to play this game as a casual without the desire to build up millions of gold through endless, braindead grind. TLDR: add a.i. fleet again into fleet missions to keep lone wolf, no end-game players entertained with exciting combat that you cant get in 1 vs 1´s THANKS FOR READING
  3. On naval action today i asked a question: Wen can i craft The Wapen Von Hamburg? Only one person gave anwser. He said that you couldnt ever make it probably. He was not 100% sure... but it still made me afraid. I would really like to craft The Wapen Von Hamburg after the ship wipe... so... can i or not?
  4. I heard that the Agamemnon is an... very very rare ship... almost no chance of getting it... Why is this? I was planning to get the recources for the agamemnon.. and then i heard that i needed first a blueprint from a special event... why is this ship so rare... :C i love the look of this ship.. and now it will take sooo long to get it.
  5. PandaASDF

    Shader model 5

    Hey! I've got a problem which suddenly occured. The game tells me that I've got Shader Model 3 and I need Shader Model 5 to play the game. It really irritates me since there's no explanation where this suddenly comes from, since I could play the game smoothly without any problems before. I really need help, because I really like the game and want to play it ^^" So can you please tell me how to fix this and let me play the game again? Thanks for reading! Any help would be really appreciated. (Not sure if the picture was needed, but I added it anyways.)
  6. Hello all, I've created a basic guide for Naval Action in illustrator with diagrams, etc. to help visualize and understand how things work better and what some naval expressions mean. It's in PDF form. http://docdro.id/2vcZJOB It's still in progress... Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you see any errors. Thank you!
  7. The Black Vale is a new pirate group (of course) in Naval Action, but has been around on various games and virtual worlds for years in Second Life. We are a dynamic group of sometimes rough and tumble friends that simply love to play games (pirate too) and socialize. In a way, we are very much a family of friends. We are always looking for more friends. If interested in joining the Black Vale on the USA PvE (eventually branching out to the PvP server), contact one of the characters (except for my helmsman Mister Teid, he is a shifty fellow) listed in the story. Oh, we’ll waive the 25K coin buy in. Ye can keep yer gold, mate! The Black Vale: Beginnings Part 1 “Sail Ho!”, the cutter’s watch calls. “Sails to port fore!” The captain snatches up the waist hung cylinder to an eye and peers at the horizon. “Aye”, she mutters in British accented words. “Two sets o’ squares. Escorted Trader methinks.” Snapping the spyglass close and tucking it into the red sash wrapped about her waist, she turns to call, “Quarter! Run up flags fer two! Let’s see what the others want.” The man’s sketched wave precedes action and soon enough two colorful flags are wind snapping from the topsail yard. The redheaded woman draws spyglass out yet again to peer at the ships in their little cutter fleet. None of the other three ships acknowledges yet the prearranged two-flag signal marking a sighting and ship numbers. Unusual in this modern age to find a woman captain, much less one on a ship! Yet the dark redhead with average looks had fought her way into respect and captaincy by sheer will, a fast blade married with keen aim, and impeccable sense of timing. The pirate cutter is her first command and one that she will not give up without a fight! The all-male crew knows all too well how capable she is when in a temper. Any that would challenge her command would find willing crew (out of fear or respect!) backing her up. One by one the other ships raise flags. Snapping and stowing the glass away, she says satisfied, “All in accord. So be it.” Raising voice, she snaps out commands. “Helms! Come to port three points! Bosun! Clear the decks and ready fer action! Quarter! Unlock the powder!” The crew scurries into action. Loose rope and sundries from everyday sailing get stowed … wouldn’t want a barrel rolling about or a loose rope to trip a body during the upcoming battle. Cannons are readied (though not loaded yet). The rigging is checked (again). From the sound of a raised voice fore, the Bosun scolds new crew member into doing his task correctly. She grins, satisfied. Few pirate ships are so organized like the famous British Navy … yet her’s is. It is amazing what a woman hears when cavorting with captains; everything from keels to sails, tactics to boarding, crew discipline, and so on, and so on. There hasn’t been a captain yet that didn’t love to brag about his ship in detail, especially when trying to impress a future bed-mate! Every tidbit learned she stowed away for the future. She already had a fair reputation by the time elected as captain after challenging the previous poor sop. If not for cultivating key crew members beforehand, she may have not had the chance to challenge. Yet the chance came and she took advantage to gain the ship. Upon doing so, the redhead immediately directed action drills. The crew didn’t like it much of course. Yet as the crew meshed to accomplish tasks quicker than they ever have before and her fierce scowls turned into grudging respect, moral improved and arrogant pride became the norm. Hmph. Prideful Pirates. Who would have thought such a thing? By the time all was in order, the two sails sets resolved into two hulls. Plying spyglass once again identifies the ships; a privateer Brig and a Snow. She winces. The two powerful ships (compared to the little fleet’s cutters) could do some serious damage and potentially sink a cutter. Even outnumbering them two to one may not be enough to offset the risks. Pirating is about taking risks, aye! Yet not foolish risks. There is something odd about that Snow. It wallows like a drunken sailor on shore. Is it watered in from a leak? Focusing on open gunports causes a grin to appear. Empty! The lower ports are empty! She’s haulin’ cargo! Snapping the ‘glass shut, the captain calls to raise another prearranged flag. A quick survey of the fleet notes two of the three have already raised signal flags with the last ship’s flag going up. It is unanimous. Turning towards the expectantly waiting quartermaster and bosun, she grins widely and nods. “Let’s get to it, mates. Load ‘em up!”
  8. The Soul Reaper Italian Clan Multigaming Un Saluto a tutta la community di Naval Action, siamo qui per presentare il nostro Clan Multigaming, ci siamo imbattuti in questo stupendo gioco di battaglie Navali, e pian piano stiamo cercando di creare la nostra flotta di Pirati, siamo in cerca di nuovi giovani Capitani che vogliono unirsi alla nostra causa. Se siete interessati/e ad unirvi alla nostra ciurma, di seguito vi lasciamo il contatto del nostro Ts: - e il nostro blog/forum: www.thesoulreaperclan.com. (se volete contattarci steam:.........) Vi Aspetiamo Numerosi un Saluto dai TSR. Contact: TeamSpeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/0pom2sJsnn5MUAMm Web Blog: http://www.thesoulreaperclan.com Forum: http://www.thesoulreaperclan.com/forum/
  9. Hello/Dear, Naval Action Community, I am CO of Naval Action on the Task Force Bravo teamspeak community, it is a small but mighty group of gamer's who play lots of different games from Strategy to First Person Shooters, to this. I am recruiting the mightiest Sailors out there, from 7th rate to 1st, we crush our foes and have fun doing it, we travel the seas. We have about 11 members for Naval Action alone, but more for the teamspeak itself. If you need information add me on steam: [TFB] Perry If your interested in joining the Teamspeak just type: ts.taskforcebravo.com Or add me on Naval Action: CaptainPerry I will reply as soon as I can, Good Sailing people! - [TFB] Perry
  10. My favourite tactic against light vessels like cutters is ramming them, and then turning them upside down But is this realistic? Would you really be able to ram ships, then grind your way onto their stern, and then tip them over? And even if it is realistic, is it fair? I have rammed countless people now, and it seems they find it unfair, sinking their ship just by ramming them. Is this supposed to change? maybe damage models for ramming, like breaking through the targets side or something, but not starting a ship-sumo-war. Jasper PS: I tried to place the photo in the post, but i kept getting: "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." So I placed it in the attached files. But now it is really small so if you want to see it bigger go to the imgur page: http://imgur.com/MChFXve
  11. Ahoy! I post here to announce that there is a new Spanish clan on naval action, we are called Armada del Mar del Sur. We are open to new alliances and to forge new friendships we all the other clans. We don't have a big fleet however we are a big family. Well guys! that's all! I wish you good wind and good sea! Harxel.
  12. Hello everyone, First of all I want to tell all of you that I am new here. I came across this game by searching Google. I am really interested in the game, and I would like to help the developers with it in every way I can. So I sent an E-mail to the developers, and they sent me a mail back, in it they told me that I have to make a forum topic giving my opinion on the game. So here it is! The thing that immediately cought my eyes when looking at this game is that there are A LOT of people that are extremely excited about this game, like me. They take the game very seriously, and play it they way its meant to be played. I've seen some videos now, and of course it's hard to see what a game is like on just videos, but from what I saw, it is really amazing and has a great player base. Also, and that's not specifically about the game, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, is that I think it's really good that the developers don't do any huge advertising. I mean, a lot of developers these days immediately promote their game in all kinds of ways (Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) And the reason why I think this is good is because this really gets people's attention that actually care about the game, and really want to help, and take it seriously. Now I've also been requested to tell what I don't like about the game. But how weird it may sound, I don't see anything that I don't like. Also, this is really hard to tell, because I've never played the game myself. Of course there will come a few things that I won't like after playing it for a while, but that's with every game. At least, that's what I think. So maybe there will be some things I won't like, but as far as it is now, I don't see anything! I hope this is enough opinion from me, to you. Hehe. Thank you for reading. - PhantomNL
  13. Sorry for another of these type of posts, but after reading on these forums of interest from POTBS players, I thought it would be a good idea to have a forum where we can post our interest in the next round. Personally, I have been a player of POTBS since Beta and recently discovered this game from conversations with others. I would love to become a tester, if possible. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to sailing the seven seas with this enthusiastic community soon. - Bergoo Darkbane
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