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  1. Thanks Joao18. But AtomicTiger full screen windowed would be great for people with 2 or more monitors, especially if you like to stream games. I know we will get it eventually but sooner the better tbh.
  2. Yes windowed fullscreen mode would be best. Its a great mode for people with two screens. Plus whilst streaming I kind of need 2 screens. But im sure it will come.
  3. Brilliant looking forward to this very much Thanks for letting me know
  4. Just a few things really. When you have finished writing in the in-game chat, instead of having to press esc all the time, as soon as you press enter to send the message then the chat box closes would be nice. Last thing, when you are playing the game on two screens and you alt tab out the game, then alt tab back in, everytime you move your mouse towards your second screen your mouse goes off the game and onto the second screen. I hope you understand what I mean by all this if not I can always make a video for you to see what I'm on about. UKzKnight
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