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    cè nessun italiano che gioca questo gioco.....fantastico gioco a mio dire non vedo l'ora che inseriscano la modalità open world....cmq fatemi sapere...ciaooo!
  2. gallex

    key send?

    nothing is arrived.....no in spam....no in normal e-mail...nothing......i hope the developer work until 00.00
  3. gallex

    key send?

    already .... because if the keys are to send only on Fridays may not post when send?
  4. gallex

    key send?

    hahahahahaha "ok man sorry for bring a frustrated but im davy jones and dont have my ship lol"
  5. gallex

    key send?

    i have hope.....very very hope......pls send me a key!!!
  6. gallex

    key send?

    a ok i wait! i want play this fantastic game.......pls send me the key!!!!XD
  7. gallex

    key send?

    any one have buy this game today first 18 pm have received the key?
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