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  1. I understand. Thank you for the support!
  2. I have an optic fiber connection connected to my router which is connected to my computer via cable. I have got the optics recently so that might be when the problem started happening... It is known to have spikes at moments, but everything else works fine most of the time. The download rate should be about 100Mb/s and upload around 20Mb/s. Nobody is connected while I play the game and the speed test of the connection shows that the download and the upload rate are what they should be. I've been known to lag a bit now and then in online games, but not regularly, and usually I myself didn't rea
  3. I'm still having the problem. The new number is NAS-267750
  4. I am pretty sure I have picked EU pvp one, on which I play. However if this is not the case I will repeat the process. I hope NAS doesn't mean north american server
  5. Hello again. I've done as you have said. The "Report number" is NAS-267535
  6. It seems it's neither the antivirus or the firewall, I do not have other applications which would block connection, at least I think so. Would you please instruct me how to do a connectivity test, I couldn't find it.
  7. Hello, I didn't know where to post this exactly, and I've already sent a few bug reports. Every time I'm in port I have troubles loading items and ships. If I enter sometimes it will show the ship slots empty, the inventory empty, the store empty, pretty much everything. It's like it can't fetch information from the server or something. Crafting gets very annoying when every time you craft something you need to wait 5 minutes for the inventory to load over and over again because it can't refresh. This has been happening for the last two patches, but it got worst recently, At the start it woul
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