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  1. Yeah now a year later, and you are correct haha... Too bad
  2. Hm, well no need to make a WOT clone, i dont think Sea Trials were a clone, it was more like "Naval battle" instant action simulator. It was just ALOT less tedius and frankly more rewarding to skilled players who likes combat, than the grind that is OW. I hope one day it will come back, properly. And that the player numbers for it will be like the old days. I wont hold my breath tho. Guess i'll check back in half a year.
  3. We are a group of 5 guys, who used to play and love the combat, back in sea trials... I put in over 300hrs, most of my friends did the same. We never took to liking the OW, thats just our preferences. There are no plans to go back to a sea trials "type" game, is there?
  4. I really wish we could have the old arena mode back, it was truly epic. It might not have been what some people wanted to play, and thats fine. But i know a bunch of pvp players who really liked the arena settings. I know people who would be willing to pay for a arena system, free of the OW grind! The arena "grind" was perfect, since it was all focused on action and pvp, us "simple" pvp jockies loved that, my thoughts.
  5. So true, this game really shines in the pvp aspect, skill truly matters, and it makes fighting players so rewarding, however in the current OW i am yet to have a fight as good as those i had in the "arena" days. Hm could have sworn we had 50 ish on each team in some of the matches, frames were a bit low, but was very playable. Maybe i was wrong at it was 25 on each? Anyhow it was greater than anything that i'v seen in OW, AND it was all players no AI! Arrh the sounds when all the broadsides started rolling. I truly miss those days.
  6. There used to be huge battles, up to 100 ships, giant lines of SOLS, i miss those days... And i dont know if they will ever come back, even if arena mode was brought back, but man i hope they will.
  7. So you feel like the arena mode was very "FPS - Arcade"... Did you actually play back then? Anyhow, I know a lot of people miss this mode, and i think bringing it back, even if you dislike it, would be likely to introduce more players to the game, and for the devs to earn some extra cash that could be spent on developing OW. Its all there, its just no longer available to the public.
  8. Thats a shame, i really enjoyed the simple XP system, i think for me, the key feature was that it was easily accessible, i could quickly jump in and get in some TRULY epic fights, that i'v just not seen the likes of in other games, and that i really miss a lot. The whole "Open world" Really puts me off, as i think its too time consuming. Honestly i'd pay for them to make a standalone "arena" mode for this game lol.
  9. Greetings captains, i'v not really kept up to speed with the game since "open world", largely because i quickly realized that i really dont enjoy it. However me and 5 of my friends were huge fans of the arena mode, those large scale battles were just epic! Will this return some day? And will we be able to "unlock" ships within this mode, so that we dont have to sail in the "open world" ? Thank you for any answers!
  10. Stays real close on his six, raking him till he sinks. Pretty much.
  11. I belive Fredericus Quartus would be able to hold its own vs pratically anything you throw at her.
  12. Totally agree! What i mean is i dont want a system in place that punishes a captain for his choice of target! And the fact that in a line battle, if the 1st rates decides that shooting those damn brigs is a good plan, well they will face the consequences. As i have seen before.
  13. Honestly no, people that want to shoot below or above their weightclass are loosing the game for their team and themselves, I would not vote for a system like this, people that dont want to play correctly, should just learn it the hard way, by loosing over and over again. my 5 cents.
  14. Would be nice if the devs would make a quick changelog before or while releasing a patch, it doubt it would take long, unless they changed hundreds of things ofc, even just a quick overview of the "major changes" would be enough to me.
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