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  1. This is just ridiculous. I am ALL in favor of removing the ANV battle flag from our government buildings; frankly, it is the battle flag of a traitor nation that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and subsequently went on to become a primary symbol for a number of hate groups across the United States. I have zero patience or sympathy for it being, in any way, recognized by a government meant to represent ALL, and which SHOULD espouse the United States of America. Why any private individual would take pride in what the flag stands for baffles me, but if you want to be a fool, go ahead, we protect that right in the United States. That said, the idea that the flag cannot be featured in a historical manner? Absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. If I may... F Apple. I am totally stunned by this. Thank you to Game Labs for taking the only rational (although possibly financially difficult) path.
  2. The launch may be soft, but it is making me ha... Er... Never mind. Very exciting, can't wait to play it.
  3. The moment you make a thread title with the rather over-the-top title like "fatal flaw" and "no historical accuracy" you handicap the ability to have a reasonable conversation
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