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  1. So give traders literally no chance. Why don't we just show them on the map to get it over with
  2. No harm done here The only real crime is the sleazy name he has from a other game imo ...
  3. Sounds like a good addition! Cant imagine the work involved to implement it however 😛 +1
  4. "Just go to pve server" Am i doing this right?
  5. So apart from purchasing 5-10 copies of the game, or using a bot/autoclicker/whatever to afk fish while you sleep, fishing is just pointless for the new player that needs some cash? Not tryingto troll/harass, just saying that this part of the game could use some attention? Make it more profitable (but you have to interact somehow with it), or maybe whaling like somebody said, where you have to custom rig ships to do just that?
  6. dude, have fun. honestly. I'm not gonna argue anymore. I hope you are happy with the current state of the game. honest truth. i just cant help but feel sad every time i look at the bottom left corner of the screen. Same goes to you too sella.
  7. ok we get it you can use the search bar. completely irrelevant to the discussion we are having right now, but usefull
  8. lol dont you just love an internet argument? Wrong. I arrived there in the time that the battle was happening. I was even waiting for them "outside" the battle. the invisibility thing is just a "teleport 60 seconds in a direction". Also i forgot. " Its always cute when people who cant even understand the concept of time-compression think they're witty enough to use sarcasm. "
  9. see this is the problem. I dont arrive too late. i arrive at the exact moment the battle ends. in fact ive been waiting there for days/weeks
  10. "I'm in danger" *confusion intensifies* *insert insterstellar docking music* A battle begins, and after 2 minutes closes. I arrive at the battle, but cant enter. I wait for the battle to finish, and the ships to appear. Have I not teleported to them?
  11. oh my ! another confused internet-user! *googly eyes* "I'm in Danger!" whenever did i say anything about winning, losing, sinking enemies, losing my ship? Oh no! what is this! someone trying to convey a specific message on the forums! To war!!! No worries friend, I have patience. I played eve online, i know what risk means. So ill try again....... "open world"........................... "sandbox".............................. "cant join battle in front of me after 2 mintues for reasons"......................... isnt this fun I would suggest you try to understand that a game is different to real life
  12. AH yes! Excuse me!! I almost completely forgot about the healthy, vibrant, massively-populated, player driven economy and thereby playable PvE server!!!! Shame on ME!! "if you are the own nation you can" -- that wasnt my point, try to understand: "open world"........ "sandbox"...... "cant join an ongoing in front of you battle"...................
  13. DUDE! you're missing the point!!! stop harrassing pvpers!!! #2018 #2019 #CAREBEAR #DONTPLAYIFYOUDONTLIKE #NICHE_GAME #WAR_GAME #healthy_vibrant_economy #player_economy now stay with me, this is where it gets hard - the game is an >>open world massive sandbox<<............................... where you cant join a battle you see in front of you because 2 minutes have passed since the gankers attacked the lone trader, even though the trader is outside its nation capital........ openworld.......... sandbox............. cant join battle after 2 minutes to help ally outside his own capital........
  14. game is great, is working as intended! carebears can go PvE or just simply dont play. .....350 players peak with 100k copies sold..................sssshhhhhhh dont wake the pvpers and the devs let them dream on.....shhhhhh........
  15. If there ever is created such a group, pm me plz
  16. Χρόνια πολλά σε όλους!
  17. he fixed it. Apparently some file was missing, and a steam reinstall fixed it.
  18. A friend of mine had no DC problems until today. We joined open world, and after 2-3 minutes (both in open world and in battles) he got disconnected, and thrown to the login page. He rejoines, does whatever, then after another 2-4 minutes, disconnected. The strange thing is, until today, he had no DC issues, yesterday he was on for 2-3 hours straight. And suddenly this. Was a small patch included in todays server maintenance etc. or something ? Anyway, thought this be worth a mention here.
  19. Not trying to go offtopic here, but i was just wondering the following: How big do the devs plan on making the open world? Im not talking soon, im talking finished product, im talking in 1-2 years into development from now possibly. Is it going to be the whole world?
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