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  1. I see this commonly bandied about, but there is legitimately no real evidence of this. Big guns can damage, mission kill tanks but straight up kills? Naw.
  2. Imagine being this salty over practically nothing.
  3. So early in the campaign as the U.S. where you fight the third rate, I managed to capture her. I lost a fair chunk of my fleet achieving this endeavor but I considered it an acceptable loss simply because of how strong she is. Much to my sheer annoyance I haven't been able to use it in any battle except for one that doesn't even need combat ships and have come across a few battles where I'm fighting yet another 3rd rate, couldn't use my own, fine, whatever, Do that, she bugs out and explodes when I rake her stern with ball so I'm not too upset I couldnt bring my own. Fast forward a couple miss
  4. Surrendering should be the *Main* end of the battle, as it was historically. If an enemy ship surrenders, let the attacker decide what happens. Give the option to capture the ship for himself(Costing the owner 1 durability) or have the surrendered pay a ransom as it were, the value of the ship(if sold at the market) at an arbitrary value like, 1.5x the cost they would have got if they cap'd and sold it. It would have the affect of giving pirates either a money incentive(and the captured cargo) or a superior ship(if that was why they attacked).
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