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  1. My graphics card is gtx 580 hydro copper. I have all the sliders down as far as possible: 770 Mhz GPU clock 2000 Mhz Memory clock
  2. So, I didn't crash a single time ever since I made my last post... Yet tonight on the same day of a new patch, I crashed 5 times in the span of 3 hours.... This is very frustrating.
  3. I earned all the damage between 2 weeks ago and today. I had all ships including 36565 damage with my Trincomalee. I see now that it is actually you forcing people to try the new ships. You can disregard this post, I was just upset that I couldn't use my trinc tonight.
  4. Is there a blog somewhere that tells me when you plan on wiping damage stats? It is very disheartening to spend a day grinding for a ship, only to find it gone the following day... Is there a reason why you have to wipe these stats?
  5. Yes, I randomly decided to try lowering the settings even though I can handle 60+ most of the time. I didn't crash for the rest of the stream but meh... this definitely needs attention.
  6. yay! crashed 3 times tonight so far even with audio disabled in device manager. This game is not conducive to streaming because of this sadly....
  7. There was only one nvidia audio driver, and it was called a virtual audio one... I disabled it, here is to hoping that when I stream it doesn't crash like this. You see, I would be perfectly fine with a "game stopped working" kind of crash because then it is simply a matter of restarting the game. However, due to me streaming, this crash is really really bad as it will stop the stream....
  8. Hmm, this is odd because I remember converting to the new bios awhile back. I was very hesitant to do this once, but to do it again? Hoping it might fix a problem? Hmmm, I don't really enjoy messing with bios. Especially considering I have a live stream to maintain.
  9. Here are the specs of my computer: http://pastebin.com/DL96wmsB And the attached dxdiag file. I also updated drivers from the December 2014 that they were. dxdiag.txt
  10. here is the log. unity_log.txt
  11. No, none of it is overclocked, and I never have bothered to. My 3930k is doing its default 3.8 Ghz boost speed, and the 580 is sitting at GPU Clock - 770 Mhz and Memory Clock - 2000 Mhz (temperature right now on graphics card is 24 C idle)
  12. Where should I start this thread/send this report?
  13. To be honest, I shouldn't have to do this to run a game in 2015.... I will try it though when I do my stream.
  14. I have a 1200W Silverstone Gold. No, I am not running SLI. For reference, demanding games that never crash on me are ARMA 2, crysis 2, and Empire: Total War.
  15. I will also point out that I vaguely recall posts in the battlefield forums that discussed this issue with a wide variety of graphics cards, not just mine.