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  1. Xyster

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    I completed the exam 2 days ago for a clan mates alt, the message still came up then. It does seem that few new players even bother with it from what I have seen.
  2. Hostility Missions were added to the game to give players an easier way to grind hostility, not in any way to replace the "feature" of grinding hostility by hunting AI of the nation.
  3. As I sail for the French, I would like to see CyberJoe chat banned for accusing us of cheating without providing any evidence of this:)
  4. @Christendom there is zero proof of anything here other than you keep a lot of screenshots for future use against others, the conversations are not even interesting. Primitive apes in Russia? https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-evolution-human-origins/dna-evidence-suggests-captured-russian-ape-woman-020288 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/the-russian-government-once-funded-a-scientists-quest-to-make-an-ape-human-hybrid-5043859/ Interesting, but not much to go on. As far as anyone's infatuation with large dark roosters, maybe the less said the better. What is very clear in that screenshot is you calling another player a bigot, I have yet to see any proof of this accusation. As to your last screenshot, you can read what ever you want to into it. There is however no proof of any wrong doing on anyone's part, just some more of the same drama between you and KOC. not sure why you think that a dev needs to waste their time on this. I guess you are just creating content for them as well. Please stop. Nothing in KOC original post is asking for any action against a player, it is asking for a known exploit to be fixed. Why you have taken offense is because it is on your conscience, you know it as well as others, denying it will not change reality. Not sure you can comprehend that, but try.
  5. Please provide proof that someone is a bigot when you accuse them, as this is a much larger social crime than being a known exploiter of a games mechanics. Also we will need proof that he is a schmuck.
  6. Correction - Only the Nation who has won get Victory marks, and those with alts in that nation.
  7. No worries just buy more alts to place in nations that earn Victory Marks, problem solved, not pay to win at all.
  8. I discovered that if you move a stack of 2300 combat marks into your Captains Chest that has 304 marks already in it, you suddenly have 1000 combat marks in your Captains Chest and 304 marks in your warehouse. This is a net loss of 1300 Combat marks.
  9. Xyster

    PvPGlobal Down

    server back up for me , one of my clan mates was in a battle, he logged back in at open sea
  10. Xyster

    Mega Patch 10.0

    IA = AI or npc fleets
  11. Xyster

    MAJOR BUG - Game crashes at cannon shooting

    I can confirm this bug. It occurred twice after I mounted Swing Bed and Elevating Screw, I had no other mods mounted on my Indefatigable. I did F11 both cases.
  12. Xyster

    Hotfix 9 for testbed patch 9.99

    @admin Suggestion- Would it be possible for you to leave a post on what you would like those on the test server to work on testing for each patch? I am guessing based on the redeemables in this wipe that you would like us to work on the Port Battle mechanics but that is just my assumption, and we all know what those can lead to.
  13. It has been a long time since I first got hooked. It was the very first time I was in heavy seas during the sea trials. I still harbor the hope that we will see them once again. More recently it has been the amazing Port Battles, the sometimes stressful OW PvP. The community in the game can jump from the worst to the best in a matter of seconds, I will never forget the tales about the woes of a poor little cabin boy. Thanks Pete.
  14. On the Test Server this does not work. You can only move ships into or out of your fleet while you are at one of your own outpost. While in a non-friendly port you can not change ships unless you sell the one you are sailing, and then purchase a new one.
  15. Would it be possible to disable the ability of player in a foreign port to purchase a warship. I was traveling under a smuggler flag looking for a Surprise (could not find one in my own nations ports), found one in a port of another nation, bought it and the cannons to arm it, then found out I could not leave the port with the ship. 200k lesson learned, but may go over poorly on the live server.