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  1. The British are getting more active in our area of operations. We are seeking USA players interested in joining the Continental Navy and pushing them back. We need players with a fighting spirit.
  2. On PvP2, I am looking for someone to craft an exceptional, Live Oak, Pavel with Planking. I am able to supply all parts and crafting notes. The crafter needs only one click to build the ship. Since we do not know each other and we have no trust established, the ship must be built before I supply parts; so I can trade all the parts and any negotiated fee for the ship. My name in game is: Farwalker
  3. Last night the Continental Navy again sallied forth to forcefully remove the pirate scourge from two more ports. Remedios on the north shore of Cuba is now under USA control. Also, Islet the closest port to the Pirate capital was wrested from pirate control after the pirates were unable to defend it with a full defensive effort. The port battle was fully populated by both sides, but the superior quality of the USS forces prevailed. These two victories brings the total number of Pirate ports taken by USS in to USA control to about 30 in the last three or four weeks. Unlike a certain
  4. George's Town and Deadman's Cay have been added to the growing list of ports liberated from the oppressive occupation of pirates. The Continental Navy [uSS] will not rest until the threat of pirates in the Bahamas is reduced as far as possible. This means all pirate controlled ports which can be taken from pirate will be freed from pirate control.
  5. Atomized? as "to reduce to minute particles or to a fine spray." Do you mean automated?
  6. The Continental Navy [uSS] formed a battle group early this day and took three ports away for those dastardly pirates in the Bahamas. Mimbres, Kemps Bay, and Govenor's Harbour all are now free to enjoy the benefits of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  7. Reporting back: I was in error. I do not know what I did in the battle where I had trouble. I now know that there is no chance to my Snow 's performance. (So long as I avoid hitting the wrong buttons.) Thanks for you help.
  8. I will try again. I will pay particular attention to the above noted possible conditions. "F" key for Skipper Auto mode. "T" key for jibs and staysails. I will report back.
  9. I'll check it out. But I thought the "T" key was to control staysails only.
  10. Nope that was not the issue. Sails automatically were working great.
  11. January 26, 2016 4:00 P.M. Eastern I tried one Admiralty battle today in my Snow. My rank is 2nd Lt. Snow is equipped with an Optimized Rudder. PROBLEM: Compared to sailing my Snow previously, now the Snow only goes half speed in battle. It was not able to exceed 5 knots. It also turns at about half the previous rate. I had 100% sails, no leaks and was not able to get over 5 knots! Before the patch I was able to do over 10 knots for most points of sailing. I got caught "in stays" (pointing into the wind twice in this battle). Never happened before. Nothing has chang
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