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  1. Der Kaiser scheint sich seiner Sache unentschlossen zu sein, viel glück auf eurer Mission, lang Lebe der Kaiser und das Kaiserreich Deutscher Nation!
  2. make it client based... i for my part was only talking about the battle instance, i dont realy care about OW that much. yea what i was pointing on, would also pay for such an DLC would love to see any options like on/off buttons and sliders (like in Mount&Blade) where u can adjust how much details you want to have / are able to show if players have the rig to perform the details let em do, if they cant, they wont use it, but as soon as they upgrade and are able to use they can go fo it
  3. Would love to being allowed to switch those extras on in options, at small skrimishs like 1v1 and maybe only shown at the own ship in instance and just switch em off in bigger fights maybe atuomatic bound to the FPS, if it goes lower than 30 for a few times it will set the details off /E: if they have already been made
  4. -Will there be an extra Chat window for Alliances? Bonus question, if rebel will come: -Rebel thing: If i dont want to be allied with Spain, but my Nation votes for it and will propably win the vote, but my part of the Nation wants to be allied with USA which is hostile to spain (so we wont get an alliance of all 3) can i go now at civil war to get more votes so i can abdone Spain and ellect USA, also if i declare civil war, is the Nation in my Favour able to help me in that war? so there will be 2 Partys: my Nation 1 +Spain against Civil War Nation1 +USA ? Looking forward for th
  5. Hm, wollen Ja, brauchen Nein... Habe mich bei den Holländern recht gut eingelebt und denke das Fukntioniert so bei jeder anderen Nation auch. Wenn das Spiel weiter ist so 1-2 Jahre und die Karte entweder weiter ausgebaut wird oder es einen server mit Europa Karte gibt dann gerne aber im EA Status fehlen für sowas einfach die Spieler.
  6. Keine Pflege durch den ersteller, aber anscheinend kann man einen MOD darauf hinweisen es einzutragen.
  7. genau das wollte ich auch noch sagen und sEn ist immer noch falsch geschreiben :X unsere ingame Diplomaten sind: semTex Leroy die Schlange
  8. Update: Members,... English version Out of date, at the moment we dont have any english speaking members
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