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  1. Please dear admins, Please dont change his name back to the way it was, It's absolutely glorious as it is for all of us Salty TeamSpeak Dwellers! Hahahaha
  2. Test Idea Please Ignore Is a reference to a very famous and I believe the most highest upvoted thread on Reddit named: Test post please ignore. It was just a random user testing if his post was working: And somehow the reddit community upvoted that thread to low-earth orbit. It is kind of an unprofessional sounding name; But it also shows that atleast these devs have sense of internet savvy and humor.
  3. I can second this aswell, I've been using steam as my primary method of buying games since 2005. I'm very happy that these games are allowed on steam at all nowadays.
  4. I'm sure that by this time they will have some more keys to give away, But alas, Game-Labs distributes them in batches on friday
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