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  1. Please dear admins, Please dont change his name back to the way it was, It's absolutely glorious as it is for all of us Salty TeamSpeak Dwellers! Hahahaha
  2. Yeah anyway you could make that digital for us to read? that would be awesome!
  3. We should Delete these forums, because its completely un historical! While were at it we should also remove the devs from the game because game devs werent a thing back then.
  4. What a fantastic contribition to the discussion at hand there skip....
  5. I agree with the message that these types of enviromental maps really favor the players who have some good awereness. For people that are playing with friends and lobbying together; it can be quite frustrating because of all the waiting.
  6. So, Whats the timeframe here? How long do I have to grind my ass off for a santi! I have the bellona, so i hope i have some days to do it.
  7. Test Idea Please Ignore Is a reference to a very famous and I believe the most highest upvoted thread on Reddit named: Test post please ignore. It was just a random user testing if his post was working: And somehow the reddit community upvoted that thread to low-earth orbit. It is kind of an unprofessional sounding name; But it also shows that atleast these devs have sense of internet savvy and humor.
  8. Obviously The Netherlands! The biggest navy (and the most succesful) of the 17th century Dunno why it's not on the poll...
  9. Well there should be some incentive for players as to not just throw ships into a battle YOLO-ing all the way. I think permanent loss of your ship is a good start.
  10. Demasting the enemy vessel was something every captain hoped for since it was alot easier to capture her this way for the Prize. Remember that in the age of sail nearly every captain was driven by greed. (even nelson) It should stay in the game. Maybe up the number of hits required so 1st rates cant instantly demast eachother with 1 broadside.
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