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    naval history, military history, general world history (just a history nut I guess), economics (Austrian School), philosophy (Thomist), religion (Catholic), shooting (Marksman 1st Class), karate, security, sailing, painting, reading & writing, global & local politics, IT(CISSP) & programming, online gaming, logic and rhetoric. God is great, Beer is good, people are crazy. Pet peeves: WOG's, REMF's, any and all progressive humanist management types, socialism, unrestrained capitalism, any thing or program or person that sees human individuals as cyphers or resources to be expended and/or used up and thrown away when no longer needed. Anything that rewards leakers and punishes workers, Any and all of the above telling me how I should live MY life "For my own good".
  1. Bernhart

    First Cruise

    Hi all, yesterday was my first ever exposure to Beta testing an OMPG. It was generally good. Been gaming (off and on) since we had to build our own computers from parts and write our own code (1978 or so) 1st game was my own version of "Lunar Lander" writen in IBM Assembler, running on an IBM 370 VM. Also in ancient times contributed code to "SCRAPS" ("Space Cadets Rapine and Plunder Simulator") These are my bbservations of playability of Naval Action using my current rig: 16 GB RAM IntelĀ® Core i7-3960X CPU @ 3.30GHz, GenuineIntel, Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7 Microsoft Wind
  2. Played first run yesterday, apr 10

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