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  1. The server hopping is easily fixed with a timeout, if the game needs 2+ servers is because there is enough people in both servers to block the port, it would come to just who is more organized as it will be if it stays just 1 server.
  2. All data needs to be synchronized, you just wouldn't see the people in the other server while in OW (like ED), battles are in a separated server (if not, the game is already a goner lol). for example, if u attack someone in OW a "battle" is created and the position is sent to the other server so people in the other server would be able to see and enter.
  3. You do have a the numbers (http://steamspy.com/app/311310). The problem of having to choose the server is that the community gonna start to get divided and after servers are going to die as people start to leave, its a solution for now, but they need to implement synchronization between servers on the clusters (NOT REGIONS).
  4. No Furnishing on the Surprise? and i got the stupid Renom which needs 16 and each needs 12h of labor to make
  5. Renommee: crafting lvl 20, 541 labour hours # Hull 20Rudder Parts 233 Planks 6 Tar 147 Frame Parts # Rigs 9 Rigging Parts 9 Canvas Rolls 45 Blocks 19 Cordage and Oakum # Fittings 27 Cables and Howers 31 Iron Fittings 73 Wooden Fittings 23 Ballast 16 Furnishings
  6. You don't need a program to do that, i have the same problem, just press F11 which is the "report key" when you come back from windows and the mouse will be locked again
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