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  1. Might be more convenient for those unpatient people to buy an Ipad and try the mobile version. Perphaps even cheaper on the long run.( Running to the Internet Cafe, pay 1$ for 30 min, visiting the forum on ur remaining 3 min, writing the post, asking about the release , clicking the post button, realizing your out of credit.... ). Patience folks PS: This post was sent while unpausing UGG on my Ipad.
  2. Yesterday I wrote MY personal review on UGG on Steam. I usually don't do reviews, however I like reading them since the actually give you a good taste of the absolute value and actual experience of the product before you committ to a purchase. Now I'm writing a reply to a Topic, which got my attention due to its very challenging title. Note: I usually don't do discussions on such kind of forums. Long story short: As for my personal experience I do not understand why some people treat UGG and it's whole game mechanic like a AAA title from one of those major publishers and mainstream game
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