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  1. If this is added this will be a popular ship for pirates/privateers,4 bow chasers,3 masts,I can see it chasing Merchants for sure.
  2. Could you find some info on it's history?
  3. Make sure to provide Blueprints pictures and a good description.
  4. That may have something to do with my IOS device,thanks guys!
  5. I'm just wondering how do I post images to forums?
  6. HMS Indefatigable was one of the Ardent class 64-gun third-rate ships-of-the-line designed by Sir Thomas Slade in 1761 for the Royal Navy. Though built as a ship-of-the-line, most of her active service took place after her conversion to a 44-gun heavy frigate. She had a long career under several distinguished commanders, serving throughout the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. She took, alone or in company, some 27 prizes and in 1847 the Admiralty authorised the issue of four clasps to the Naval General Service Medal to any still surviving members of her crews from the respect
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