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  1. [DANVE] Dansk Norsk Vestindien Eskadre. Rekruterer nå flere kapteiner. Alle er velkommen til og joine, Nye Kadeter opp til Admiraler. Vi kjører små Flåter som gjør Mission, Og Sloss mot svenskene. Vi kan tilby folk som kan bygge skip. og hjelpe Deg med Missions Vi er på PvP One EU For Inv kan du Kontakte: Kiilerich - Sakebito Eller Naeldebladet [DANVE] Danish Norwegian Westindien Patrol. Is now Recruiting New Captains. Everyone is welcome to Joine under the Danish flag. Kadet up to Admirals We mostly focusing on smaller Fleets, To do Missions and Fighting the Swedish. We can Offer Ship Builders - And captains to do missions with. We are on PvP One EU For Inv or questions "contact" : Kiilerich - Sakebito Or Naeldebladet. Just a small info: we are mostly danish and norwegian players. But everyone speaks/write English. So you are more then welcome to joine us.
  2. =) was a nice match. didn't want to show any names. since some dont like it.
  3. So i had to make a playlist. here is the songs i like to listen to. while sailing!! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE_a2SFxb-8NDaVY2ABbpFauUc7TVYDw Work like a captain, play like a pirate.
  4. dont want anyone angry at me. so though it was smarter to just remove the names But we outsmarted them a bit. and won the game with almost 90% alive.
  5. Just had to post this result in my Trincomalee. managed to do more dmg then both santisima's on the enemy team.
  6. I get around 10 extra Fps by turning it off. Gtx 980 card. means i get a bit over 100 fps. the biggest problem i have noticed is the huge fps drop in huge battles, with stuff on max. i drop down to around 35-50 fps. but im running the game in 2560x1440 But as it's only a alpha. i dont mind it. it's pritty stable so far! but since i run 2 monitors. i minimize the game alot of times. looks like it dont lock the mouse to the fullscreen game.
  7. Got pass Loading. but now im stuck in pvp.. and there is noone there. cant even see my own name so. and no countdown so almost there i guess.
  8. It realy depends. considering it's sunday. it may take a bit time. but guess it will come up shortly. they are usualy fast on it
  9. you just have to wait for the servers to come up again. most of us are stuck on Loading atm =)
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