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    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    @Wind, somewhere this year i imagine.
  2. Oke ill have to agree i made a very weak point, even so i do strongly believe the tutorial should be setup differently. Don't expect everyone to be the same if you want to build your game population back up.
  3. Do you realize that in a way you're stating you only care about the hardcore players and not the community as a whole? Either that or that or you see hardcore players as the only potential part of your game. Just FYI the pve server has 1/5 of the population of the pvp server. I'd call that a big part of your playerbase.
  4. Totally agree with Archaos here. Afterall ask yourself what is suppose to be the point of a 'Tutorial'. If you want to give the playerbase a hard challenge with a niche reward, than do so. But not in a tutorial thats suppose to be a introduction to new players, instead it's a scarecrow.
  5. Captain Noodles

    Server Status - "connection error"

    Currently having the "connection error", is the game under maintenance atm? When might we expect it to be done. Also are announces made about this?