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  1. You can call me paranoid all you want. The Russian Commonweath has a clear mission statement that they work together with Russian clans between nations.
  2. No, just no. There is no pirate nation, or even Denmark nation. There is the hidden "Russian" nation. That continues to use game breaking loop holes to win their battles. Making multiple steam accounts and alts so they can enter port battles that are limited to 25 players and then promptly leaving? So as to limit the actual number of ships of the line above 3rd that we can field? Yep, they have done it. Multiple times now. Working as a "nation" between pirates and Denmark just because they believe themselves as the "Russian" nation? Yep they are doing that. Until NA fi
  3. put it into adobe premier and just put transitions into it
  4. American-British Alliance? I would like to see that
  5. Well my language was controlled, and the comment was not directed at "you" but more about the action. And I as well as many here could link post after post that Spanish players from EU PVP 1 have complained about a hundred different things. Even today there was one that even claimed that the US was "cheating" and that devs should wipe them all and ban them out of the server. Banning a faction http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10634-econom%C3%ADa-redistribuci%C3%B3n-de-los-servidores-americanos-separados-de-europeos/#entry189292 Port Timers http://forum.game-labs.net/
  6. wow. This is some major BS. The Devs moving into intervene on behalf of one nation that complains the loudest on the forums is a little sad. They pulled out of Cuba. It is on their own design they given up their captial
  7. it does seem I am now getting these visual artifacts in every game. Care to help ? or am I on my own now to figure this out. fml
  8. As you can see on this screen shot, there are blue boxes all over the ship and sails. This is present in open world and in battles. It constantly flickers at an insanely high pace almost like a strobe light all over the ship and terrain.
  9. A guild alliance thread? I am pretty sure it says political situation. Politics being at a national level; not agreements from one clan on behalf of the entire nation to another nation.
  10. Maybe someone can help me here. Out of the options, which has the higher percentage to get speed as an attribute?
  11. I seriously think everyone commenting (complaining) on this saying that traders should not be able to teleport, is not a trader. I can bet money that most are people that PVP, do missions, and generally any other ship to ship combat. Which is so much fun! and exciting! and produces xp! and makes you gold oh so much gold! Then with all the gold they go to the market, and then become sad because "How dare those traders! they marked up all the resources here! That is not fair! Not historical! Prices need to be lower because I am out having fun and now want to buy what I want! But the pr
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