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  1. Prices are also quite strange at the moment, I agree. Supply/demand mechanics certainly need some work.
  2. We have a few other threads suggesting an aspect of exploration be added to the game. I'm personally a proponent. I also notice quite a bit of frustration surrounding trading at the moment. Here's a solution I think would be fun and worthwhile for both traders and explorers. At the moment, there's no reason to leave the relative comfort of your home islands, with their protection and abundant missions. Only reason to leave would be to join a port assault, which is certainly fun, but I believe there should be more ways. The most obvious reason to explore would be for trade.Sailing from
  3. Really great infographic. I'll have to get that memorized. Much appreciated jodgi.
  4. Really? I didn't get that sort of feeling at all when I first heard about it. To me it emphasizes sailing and combat at sea, naval action. Plus, I don't think that many people dismiss games simply by their names, do they? I always thought people did a bit of research on a game that they might have some interest in.
  5. While your political idea is interesting, presidents and such, I feel it may be a bit too complex and time-consuming. Most of us are in here for the game and the sailing, not to manage a virtual nation. I feel like the extent of politics should be players of certain levels in the game have the opportunity to vote on who to ally with and who to declare war on. To stop people from possibly attacking allied nations unknowingly I feel that there should be a notification or such in the port, and it ought to be quite forgiving, as you can't expect new players to fully grasp a political sys
  6. A friend of mine and I are both quite passionate about this game, we have been playing together since sea trials. He prefers PvE, and I prefer PvP. When we play together, we always have a fuss over what server to play on, I of course want PvP as all my ships and gold and resources are on there, and he wants PvE for the same reason. Of course as we get more into the game this will become even more tiresome as we get bigger ships that we are less inclined to leave behind. Now we have essentially destroyed any co-op we could have done, which I feel is a great shame as he is a great capta
  7. A big thank you to you all for bringing us a game that many might have thought would never be developed for lack of interest. I think we are all a testament to that falsehood. I look forward to the years to come and stories to be shared.
  8. Could be a crew skill, but certainly not a similar concept to the current repair kits where you press a button and your onboard wizard heals all your crew with a magic spell. I think it should just be a matter of time. Higher ranking healing, faster heal time.
  9. Fair points. For your first point, the world is going to be huge (I assume). I see this in a similar way as Elite Dangerous, although E:D is probably infinitely bigger than Naval Action will ever be. I envision that there will be so much to explore that just one guy wouldn't be able to explore it all. Also, answering to the last 2 points, I have a new idea. How about there are different levels of maps, basic to detailed, and less expensive to more expensive (based on detail). These maps would be provided by the adventurous explorers, and if an explorer took the time to draw up detail
  10. I think a map you buy is a good idea, but I think, for the purpose of preserving exploration, there should be one single map, but one that gets edited in real time as explorers find new destinations.
  11. I must wonder, are those propellers on the underside original, or were they added later? I had always assumed those propellers corresponded with engines, or did they have uses before the creation of steam engines and the likes?
  12. Hallo! I'm quite interested in joining you fine gentlemen in your entrepreneuring endeavors! Just wondering what are the requirements we will be asked, besides knowledge of the English language? I shall soon be messaging you over steam to get more information. I look forward to working with you all May the winds fill our sails and gold fill our pockets!
  13. Try checking your controls? In the initial menu you get when you launch from Steam there should be a sub-menu for controls. I'd check that to make sure your controls are all in order.
  14. I miss when this was the normal battle. Now everyone has seemingly lost interest, or maybe is off testing open world
  15. Hold on, I don't get to choose the kind of rum I have on board? What kind of a captain am I to be?
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