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  1. For most times, small ship = new player however, which brings problems. Although some could be good leaders, a great many simply dont have the experience in the game to command at all which is why most look to the SoL for guidence. You are an exception i suspect, most smaller ships are new players, larger ships generally have alot more experience of the game as a general rule of thumb (although right now with new ships this is thrown out of whack) i have found.
  2. Its usually common for people to think he with the biggest ship is most likely to have played the most and know how the game works. If you are not a "leader" or have no idea how to lead, simply say you dont know how to command in this game and that somebody else should, if nobody steps up (it happens) you can always give it a go if you feel like it, or not, thats up to you. I have stepped up and commanded when in a surprise in a team of cons, bels and victorys before when i had barely played the game, it was hell XD but i learned from it and it was fun. Just have to remember if you are in the largest vessel, you generally become the flagship because of your value to the team, if you dont wish to command, you need to be very explicit with people about that in the beginning of the fight or wait for multiple SoLs to be in the battle like a trafalgar fight or something because people will expect to be lead in a teamwork game.
  3. Mitchverr

    Warning pings!

    Wait, theres a collision bell in the game?
  4. Yup, building up a base level of teamwork as its synergetic, the SoL protects the light from the enemy battery fire, the light protects the SoL rear and harras the enemy meanwhile watching how the SoL ships play and learning from them.
  5. I have never seen new players being told to rush in PVP. I have seen new players (lights) being told "this is the plan, hold back, wait till a close in battle happens then harass together anything that leaves itself open" most the time. I have also seen brand new players learn quickly and actually save my surprises, trins and constitutions rear due to attacking and harassing somebody sterncamping me and putting enough pressure on them that i could break the camp. In PVP light, 99% of the time they will be a target and die or suffer heavy hits fast, causing panic/worry as they dont know what to do if new, in PVP general, they are ignored more often then not till the end, giving plenty of practice room so long as they remember not to get in the way of the SoLs turning XD
  6. Would love the Amazon to win wild card, lol. Well placed gunwise.
  7. I suggest having a way to do it without having to leave your name in the open aswell as the person that reports it, as some people dont feel comfortable doing this kind of thing in the open. I suspect this will help heavily.
  8. But you can basically do the same kinda thing in PVP light anyway cant you? Its basically crippled playing games in the cerberus till enough get them to play with them en mass.
  9. I have to ask, is there actually any point to generic "PVP" now, other then allowing the cerberus to play.... against ships that it would fight in trafalgar anyway? The way it was basically was "lights can go here" "everyone can go here but 99% its medium level ships learning" then "come to the ships of the line only party". Now its "lights" "cerberus and up" "surprise and up". The middle seems to be pointless without lights.
  10. If you see them as a farmer doing that then its your own problem of not taking use of your friendly ships. I have seen in near every game i have been in the cutters and brigs provide pretty significant support to surprises and even victorys protecting their rear from being camped and also harassing enemy SoLs to the point they actually change targets giving respite to friendly ships in need of repair. All it takes is communication and 99% of the small ships will follow orders and help.
  11. I wouldnt call it OP, its a big ship, it has no armor and needs to have a bite to go with its bark to be fair. A single broadside from a con obliterates a poor lil cerb. It would be nice however to have official unhidden statlines for guns that are easy to access.
  12. He means after todays patch where they blocked light ships being able to go PVP which has crippled PVP battles basically i assume lads. So no, it wont go back to normal, its a completely different team based meta coming to PVP.
  13. I also forgot earlier. How exactly will they be selected? Just wondering.
  14. Thanks for the comment, wasnt sure if i was being OTT or anything with it, took me a good while to write up. And yeah as i dont think i made it clear, i love the game, want you guys to do well which is why i wrote it, i just want to help this game succeed
  15. Doesnt help if you are in a beta for testing the mechanics of the ships though, lol.
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