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  1. Yes. Its seems this recent patch fixed some things I originally posted about. I noticed that fires burn longer and AI ships do, in fact, enter fire shock way more often than before. Now, lets see if they add some additional damage when a ship gets lit of fire.
  2. Thats right. I tested it earlier on a simple Navy Brig I had lying around. I activated the boarding prep and my gun crews went down to 20. It was 5 crew per gun so I had 4 out of my 8 guns reloading at full speed.
  3. I think the incorporation of setting a ship on fire is an awesome feature of the damage model. However, I think on-board fires are far too weak and aren't much of a threat. I have set a number of vessels on fire, have seen others lit up, and had my own set on fire on a number of occasions and only seen one explode. That's ok, I am not looking to see more explosions but shouldn't a ship made of wood, cloth and packed with gunpowder be under far more danger when on fire? As before, its not difficult to set a vessel on fire in the game and it happens at least once in larger battles but I see a vessel get ignited and I just think "Well, it will be out 20 seconds" and if its the AI, almost all fires will be extinguished no matter how many times it started (unless they have minimal crew, of course). Extinguishing a fire seems to have as much urgency as fixing a pump or rudder and the only real threat to not extinguishing it on time is that after several minutes it may hit the magazine and detonate it. I think a fire should be harder to start and more rare in battle, but once it happens I believe that it should be one of the most devastating things that can happen to a ship. I think that over time, the fire should damage the hull more, kill crew, destroy cannons, damage sails and so forth for the duration of the blaze. I don't feel it should just be another thing that happens in battle which will be fixed and no longer a threat in just a few moments. I am Captain and have been in a number of engagements and just don't feel that the fires have that "urgency" to them as I feel they should have had during the Age of Sail. Just a thought. If anyone has any ideas or opinions, I would love to hear them. Great game by the way. Number one most played game in my Steam Library.
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