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  1. Yea, the problem with alot of the pre-chapman designs is they seem to little to no design documentation left or if it is around i havent found it. On another note, theres a few reasons sweden moved away from large flag ships anyway, they sat to low in the water. The coastal territorys of sweden are covered in islands fjords and shoals all of which make it very hard to manuever something that this large under normal conditions, nevermind while ur getting shot at. At the end of the day Stora Kronan would have been better just being a ship of symbolism rather then actual war. Also, nice thread
  2. Terminus

    Swedish Navy

    I'm still holding out hope that we can get ahold of a 1st or 2nd rate, they have some options. But I can't find the drafting papers for them.
  3. Terminus

    Swedish Navy

    The problem I'm having with most swedish ships, is the lack of drafting papers, they seem to be missing atleast in the line of 3rd - 1st rates.
  4. Yea, nothing really stand out about her, I mean shes not got anything hugely unique about her either.
  5. Konung Karl built in 1694 built by Charles Sheldon at the Karlskrona shipyard. named after King Carl, She was 54m (177ft) in length at the waterline and weighed in at 2,730 tons. she was armed with 108 cannons and complemented a crew of 850. She remained in service for a suprising 77 years before being broken up do to decay. She served as the flagship for Hans Wachtmeister who served under Charles XI and Charles XII. She would be later up-gunned to 120 in 1714 and then rebuilt to 100 in 1723-4 although its suggested sometime later on she was again reduced to either 96 or 90. Armarment: 1
  6. They also dident bother to close the bottem gun ports during the turn apparently.
  7. Well when you put it that way, yes your right. I thought you where under the assumption that that even if your going at full sail, and cut into the wind nothing would happen. But yes, you dont just roll a ship over because you turned to hard (unless you do it improperly "see the kronan").
  8. We really need a ton of 3rd and 4th rates, as they where the meat and potatos of the fleets they sailed in, I maintain the idea that 2nd and 1st rates should be incredibly exspensive and risky to use much like the titans and supercarriers of Eve.
  9. Tell that to the Kronan, unlike many other nations. Sweden loved their shallow draft warships, hence they have a rather troubling history anytime you start looking at a swedish ship with more then 2 decks. On that note, I'd love to see the world famous Vasa in game, even if she was only a parade ship.
  10. You can find a crude blueprint here, however its not port or starboard shot and has no sail plan. http://www2.kalmarlansmuseum.se/1/ I've done plenty of research on the dedicated thread here. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2482-regalskeppet-kronan/ My research has mostely concluded that this ships Blueprints no longer exist. (Atleast outside what the museum is showing us, i've contacted them a month ago and heard nothing back) Tho, there is enough info floating around that you might be able to draft some blueprints if you where a good
  11. The USAs main power was in her Frigates, the US navy new they couldent win a slug fest with a naval power like British, they built small fast vessals for hit and run tactics, obv theres a few acceptions to this rule but if anything you could hope to see the USS America in game flying the Red White and Blue, stuff like the Pennsylvania just isent in the timeline. Also don't forget, I don't think you will see any SOL outside large fleet battles. They will probibly be like Titans in Eve, Expensive as all hell.
  12. Still keeping an eye out for any sort of Info for this ship, and I happened to stumble across this, It is aparently a re-creation of what the stern decoration of the Kronan looked like as shown by period work from Claus Moinichen, It was originally depicted as just the starboard side, as it was being compared to SotS. But I was able to Crop and mirrior it to create a image. To note: That center pillar on the on the railing, is just a large lantern. But it was drawn diffrently then the other two and hence looks a little wierd, but its a lantern.
  13. I'm hopeing we can just name our ships. instead of having 40 Constitutions (Obviously we will need a filter for people who have the urge to give their ships foul names). However I think it would be best to get as many ships into the game with their original design as possible, and hopefully allow heavy modification to the ship to fill the role you desire it to.
  14. the Swedish designed many of their boats in the 17th century in this manner, you might find some more reading on flat bottems there, They liked them because it made it easier to navigate within the Baltic Sea, and many of her small islands aswell as allowing them to be used in a supporting role in battles around the coastline. Tho, they proved very unstable in rough weather.
  15. Well actually that might be helpful, A good impression of exactly what ornimination she has would be great for getting a solid design down. I'm not exactly sure how to use this website effeciently however, It seems to just loop me around in circles. Is there something I need to do in order for it too display pictures?
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