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  1. Lucien Delmonte

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    Damn, you have discovered our masterplan...back to the drawing board!
  2. Hello,

    all fine? How is it in your clan? does it works? how much people in your clan?

    y viva espania

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    2. Lucien Delmonte

      Lucien Delmonte

      Good! It will be nice to have another player. You are welcome to join clan if you want.

    3. Lequiller


      maybe, only spanish speak player?


    4. Lucien Delmonte

      Lucien Delmonte

      We are english speakers but it would be ok even if you only know a little bit of english.

  3. Lucien Delmonte

    8 teams: a failed idea?

    Good idea, perhaps call it the Scandinavian Union. Also remove pirates as an RVR nation as suggested above.
  4. Lucien Delmonte

    Looking for Spanish Clan

    New Spanish clan formed! Los Corsarios del Rey, contact me ingame or forums.
  5. Lucien Delmonte

    trader tool off 100 Lost 12K gold

    Someone coul;d have sold goods to the port before you arrived, thus depressing the price. If its a profitable run you can expect others to be doing it too.
  6. Lucien Delmonte

    trader tool off 100 Lost 12K gold

    Next time look at the price before you hit 'sell' maybe?
  7. Lucien Delmonte

    Hotfix 2 for patch 10.00

    Just refresh trade screen, works for me.
  8. Lucien Delmonte

    Battle circle tweak.

    Certainly agree, this seems like a good fix with no adverse consequences.
  9. Lucien Delmonte

    Free town changes - Important

    Where is La Désirade?
  10. Lucien Delmonte

    Game mechanic for helping smaller nations

    This! Won't totally fix problem but will help a lot, also it's a very easy change to make.
  11. Lucien Delmonte

    Keeping your national flag in battle with allies

    I think you are over analysing the original proposal. What is being asked for is a cosmetic change only, with the underlying mechanism kept the same. I do not know if this difficult or even possible, but it does no harm to ask!
  12. Lucien Delmonte

    Keeping your national flag in battle with allies

    I believe the OP is not talking about 3 sided battles but normal battles when allied nations join. I too would like to retain my national flag in those circumstances.
  13. Having successful boarding actions occur frequently is not at all realistic. People seem,to confuse (deliberately?) taking possesion of a surrendered ship by boarding it against no opposition with boarding an actively hostile vessel. These are two separate things!
  14. There is a saying in english "It is better to travel hopefully than arrive" - Dr Johnson I think.