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  1. I would post some links to my Google Drive but the forums don't seem to allow me to paste anything, text, links, or otherwise. I suspect it's IE and the forum again, I have run into this issue before where it wouldn't let me post links... but I can't remember the work around, and I am not big on using Chrome on this rig.
  2. Hi Juice I am on limited battery but I sent you a link to the pdf file of the whole book, it's in German but shouldn't be an issue as the drawings and all are the same and anything you need to read is pretty easy to make out or translate if needed - nice thing about German is the words are usually compounds and easy to make out, at least I think so. Would love to exchange files on your project, I was looking into doing some of the smaller boats on Endeavour first as a practice and then of course the various cannon and fittings also as warm ups - eyes, stays and all that mess... the book is loaded with excellent drawings of all, and I might point out that the cross-sections of the hull do line up, at first they don't look like they do but then I realized that the outside plank on the one isn't the plank you see on the next as she is double-hulled and so that is the inside level - just pointing it out as it threw me for a moment when I was trying to line things up in ref. drawing, then it all made since... anyway, let me know if you can download that file and lets keep in touch on project I have a very extensive eBook library of such things air, sea, and land - just FYI; and I am particularly interested in knowing if you are going to lay out the keel in sections and all and keep the particular parts as individual so as to make them "destructible" later? etc. Best, V.
  3. Hey Juice, would you like to collaborate on HMS Endeavour, I use Blender 3D 2.73 (3DMax files) and I have a wonderful set of plans and drawings from NIP Anatomy of the Ship on the Endeavour - if you have an email I will gladly send you a .pfd copy of the book as a whole and you can use that in your work. Some of the drawings and plans are split in scans on two pages but it's nothing to simply align and make into one image in something like GIMP or PS. Send me a PM if your interested.
  4. The ships from the Anatomy of the Ship series Armed Transport HMS Bounty, converted from the mercantile Bethia. 24 gun Pandora - the ship that was sent after Bounty's mutineers. James Cook's Endeavour Survey Ship HMS Beagle - Darwin Voyages.
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