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  1. oh good i hope that "SOON" is very near. me and my friend have been drooling over the ship models. we've played Uncharted Waters Online btw so pretty much with the ship models and sailing system which we fancy alot
  2. my friend and i doesnt have a credit card. so our only way to buy the game is via steam using prepaid cards.. but the game seems not to appear in steam.. so is there an ETA for the game to be launched in steam?
  3. well i dont really have the "plans" i just have the idea that a galley type or galleass type in a sailing game is kinda good too.. some of "us" are galley enthusiasts. well it might not be as popular like vaisseau or those frigates and first rates but i think its a good ship too
  4. let's not forget our friend the venetians and the ottomans their galley and galleass will definitely add more flavor to the game even probably spice up boarding
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