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  1. I'm almost certain that the navy's museum in Lisbon (Belém) sells copies of the blueprints/plans...how much it costs? Well I bet it isn't cheap. I do have a handfull pics of Portuguese ships (including Naus/Ship-of.the-line and frigates) the problem is to find accurate info and plans!
  2. That's the thing... The ship was ordered in 1821. So teoricaly it is IN the time frame. It was. Portugal supplied england with a bunch of ships-of-the-line to fight the french.
  3. Frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória" This ship has an awkward story, it was ordered in 1821 but because of financial reasons it was only built in 1843 in the Royal Portuguese Arsenal in Daman, Portuguese India. Was in service from 1845 until 1940, year that she "half sunk" from an onboard fire. In 1990 was restored from its old wreck and turned into a museum. She didn't saw any battles unfortunatly, most of its orders where to transport troops to the colonies. Armament: Gun deck - 28 guns (18 pounder, long gun) Deck - 20 guns (32 pounder, carronade) Forecastle - 2
  4. Rainha de Portugal 2nd-rate ship with 80-guns, 2 decks, didn't sufer any alterations until it was dismanteled. Built in Lisbon (1791) saw military service until around 1834. She helped england with the napoleonic war and was in the battle of Cape St. Vincent Useful info about: (first two in portuguese sorry, the last one is in english but it doesn't have that much info) http://alernavios.blogspot.pt/2010/09/rainha-de-portugal.html http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.pt/2013/04/navios-da-real-marinha-de-guerra.html http://3decks.pbworks.com/w/page/91535
  5. Nau "Rainha de Portugal" Was built in 1791 in Navy's shipyard in Lisbon by Torcato José Clavina. Saw militar service until ~1834, after that was served as hospital ship until ~1848. She helped the royal british navy (Admiral Jonh Jervis and Admiral Horatio Nelson) against france in the napoleonic war aswell as transporting the royal Portuguese family to Brazil in 1808. Armament: Lower Gun Deck, 30 cannons (36lbs) Upper Gun Deck, 32 cannons (24lbs) Quarted Deck, 18 cannons (12lbs) a Dimensions: Lenght 55.27 m Beam 14.48 m Depth of hold 10.36 m
  6. I agree with some of your points guys, older vessels, such as galleons owned by Portugal and Spain, might be a bit too early but not in "firepower" terms. Take the Galleon São João Batista for example, launched in 1536 and it had 366 cannons (total)...pretty cool right? Unfortunatly the max speed was only 7 knots. Eather way It would be cool to see some designs from that time as promotion ships or even event ships. Who knows...
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