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    Combat Simulation Games in general, and I like History, while I know more about WWII history, I am open to learn about other time-frames, Modern Era sounds pretty interesting, as the first steps to shape the current world were given back then :)

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  1. Does't the in game in battle speed is a bit accelerated as well? For example the time to raise/lower sails or to reload the cannons, I heard somewhere as well that with a ship as big as a SoL you would take like an hour or so to reach maximum speed starting from 0.
  2. How are durabilities going to be implemented for premium ships? Imho it should be that you can lose your prem ship, but you can buy it back with proper in game gold, available as a new ship in the store for the guys that purchased it. This would prevent to have 'invulnerable' prem ship fleets which players would throw into battle ad infinitum.
  3. Once their morale is down, you may want to attack to quickly finish off their remaining morale (making them surrender) and winning without having to kill/neutralize all of the enemy crew, without further fighting, saving your crew in the process
  4. good point. Maybe the income of buying the repairs for your ship goes back to the shipbuilder (be it a player or the port itself) so the balance is restored? Would be the equivalent of the previous model of loosing your ship.. but then you buy the same exact ship (modules-wise) at its full cost, just that now it's done in parts.
  5. But the repair damage (full cost of the durability) wouldn't compensate for it economy-wise?
  6. With Iron and Coal I made some very profitable short range trips, like Prater said. However I find that the way the port increases/deacreases prices is somewhat off, since they adjust it in way that it is no longer profitable anymore after some few trading runs. For Example: Oak at X ===> 9000 Buy 2 / Sell 1 Oak at Y ====> 10 Buy 10/ Sell 5 This is a profitable trade route, yep. However once we start trading, by the economy laws the port X start selling at a bigger price, and the port Y starts buying at a lesser price. And soon we arrive to this type of situation: Oak at X ===> 8000 Buy 4 / Sell 2 Oak at Y ===> 1010 Buy 7/ Sell 4 You can see now this business is not profitable anymore... However there is still a difference between the stocks quantity of each port, and that's why it doesn't feel right, because there is a very big difference between each port, however one can no longer use this trading anymore. Several ports have already arrived at this state of "stall" and now its more difficult to keep trading with this sort of system, as the profitable trades are becoming less and less very fast. I guess a good suggestion would be that the ports that "produce" a resource would re-stock its quantity every X time for example, and then the ports that buy resources, every X amount of time they consume those resources, with this renewing the profitable window, making the business profitable in the long run.
  7. I'm into more immersive and realistic features as well, I was actually quite surprised about "magically" sending prices to the outpost, I expected that they would depart as AI and you would have to escort them (if you cared about them), or even so you had to tow them if they were severly damaged or didn't have enough crew to man both ships. But again, I completely understand the prize sending mechanic, its gameplay preference. I like your 2 day delivery job timer (I guess in-game time)
  8. thx, I know that If I had given a bit more of thinking into it I could have realize it. However I expected some sort of option like when you capture a prize after the battle (sent to outpost, etc). I find this a "noob trap" at which I fell in as the noob I am but finding this sort of system issues stuff is what we are for isn't it? So my recommendation is to implement the "send to outpost" option, or to put a message after pressing the "Buy" button, like a confirmation screen saying: "You do not posses any outpost in this port, therefore you won't be able to keep more than 1 ship here, would you like to buy this ship anyway?"
  9. Hi all It happened that looking for a Mercury I found it in a port in which I didn't have an outpost. I bought it. But then I soon realized about the problem: I had 2 ships in a port without an outpost... so when I sail away from it I would lose one of my ships. So I don't know if this is a bug or if it is intended. I would like an option to send to an outpost my previous ship (Privateer), the one I arrived with. I can sell it, but 450 gold isn't worth a fine Privateer that I had to capture after searching for it. Its either that or lose 20k gold I spent in the Mercury. And I don't have enough gold to open an outpost there... so im stuck now, don't know what to do. Probably with pain in my heart I will leave my dear Privateer... but I just wanted to know if this was an issue, or intended. Or maybe there is a way to solve this which I don't know (so I can keep both my Privateer and the Mercury I just bought). Thanks
  10. I was asking for things like which one of those is more accurate / getting updated faster, etc
  11. Between that map and this map https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?usp=sharing&mid=znKaQtPyLToc.kaQduRE0l4HU%C2'> Which one is the best?
  12. Viva EspaƱa! And if Independence Movements are modelled... after 1810 things would happen in South America
  13. Restarting steam fixed it, thanks ^^
  14. Today I tried to start the game but this message pops up and I can't log in: Any clues?
  15. Just ~30 minutes ago I was in a battle, everything was doing fine... but sudenly the game frezees and after a couple of seconds with the 0 fps the typical (X program doesn't respond) and the game closes. I started the game again, and tried to relog, but then some error pops out saying "User is already connected" and later on after trying again "Authentication error". After a couple of minutes, I could return to the battle, but then the ballistics of the cannon ball changed drastically and I reported that using the F11 function. Some time later the game freezes again and CTD. This time I could relog without problems into the battle. And during that battle this happened two more times. So this sums up to 4 CTDs in the same battle, also with the ballistic anomaly and it seemed that people in chat couldn't read my messages as they didn't answer what I wrote (apologies for disconnection, asking if anyone has experienced this, etc etc). Has this happened to other people? It seems like a nasty bug of some sort.
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