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  1. Alt enter works with all games not just steam, it is a windows shortcut. There may be one or two titles where this doesnt work but only because they are poorly written.
  2. Modern GPU's are designed to throttle back the clock as temps approach a dangerous level and continue to do so until temps are under threshold. Unless you see your frame rate starting to drop, you really have no reason to worry.
  3. It has already been explained quite clearly, in this very thread no less, there is no way to do this accidentally, and excuses of "I didnt know it was against the rules" do not cut it, it is up to players to seek out and acquaint themselves with the rules. It involves attacking a player ship that deliberately does not fight back, instead it sits in place allowing players to do damage. Before the ship sinks the players allow it to leave the instance to repair to full health, before attacking it again and repeating ad nauseum with no intention of sinking or capping it. In response to the que
  4. Green on green attacks are not allowed except by consent.
  5. It is a mistake of your own making, I really do not think your stuff should be reimbursed, it is a harsh lesson, but a mistake you are not likely to repeat. If the devs start down the path of reimbursing property they will be dealing with daily requests asking for stuff back because of "mistakes". However, I do agree a warning might help others not fall into the same trap, but if you are paying as little attention as you seem to have done I suspect you would click and proceed regardless.
  6. Might help folks if you tell them which nation your clan sails under.
  7. I do not shoot players of my own nation, I am active in nation and help chat channels giving advice when it is asked for, and will happily group with a new player asking for help. Although for now, I have stoped playing until the current situation is resolved, if it is not, I simply refuse to play again. People are using current mechanics to grief others without any recourse, this can never be condoned nor dismissed, it is a situation that should take the highest priority, yet here it is being allowed to drag on. The current situation is unacceptable, and under the games rules, it is only
  8. Then the devs need to do something to stop this stupid situation from arising in the first place. I for one am sick and tired of having ships I intended to board deliberately destroyed while I am expected to sit there like a damn turnip and turn the other cheek. Any game that allows this sort of griefing to continue is not one I would have chosen to invest my money in. Having played on another’s accounts for months I decided to buy the game only after the devs said explicitly being able to enter npc instances while not grouped was a bug and would be fixed. Now they appear to be trying to b
  9. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2346-forum-and-sea-trials-rules/ It's clear more than a few folks need to read them, it is against the rules, and a perfect example of the sort of toxic behaviour, this and other online comminutes can do without. Would it be funny to start making fun of the school children shot in America or those that died on 9-11, acts just as reprehensible and I am sure a little closer to home for many trying to make light of this thread.
  10. I love how folks get butt hurt at the use of Eve online as a reference, it is a popular MMO, get over it. I used Eve Online as it serves as a perfect example as it is common for folks to maintain multiple accounts due to the skill training system. A game I played from the day it launched in 2003 until the end of 2014, long enough for anyone to get their fill. However, I have also had multiple accounts in Swg, Wow, Daoc, Age of conan, Everquest II and others, all for guild purposes, nor am I alone in the use of multiple accounts. The fact is, it happens in most MMO's particularly where play
  11. This game makes numerous changes to history for the sake of playability; and quite rightly. If it were to be truly historic, nations could not target other ports at will, players of a given nation would be limited to specific ships, pirates would be allowed to over gun their ships, the size of a nations presence and the players able to participate on their behalf would be limited, death would be permanent and so on. When players start talking about realism in games, generally, they only want as much realism as suits them as an individual. While as a business providing entertainment in a ni
  12. I am surprised folks are still debating this, the developers have said multiple accounts are fine, so frankly thats the end of it. There will always be folks moaning that they are hard done by, or complaining about something. Until such time that the developers allow multiple characters, there will be people buying multiple accounts, most of whom do not have ulterior motives they simply want mules. The bottom line is. that its impossible to stop it should the developers not want folks doing so. A cheap vpn, a second box for the second account, a prepaid credit/debit card and its imposs
  13. It looks like your video card may be overheating; those sorts of artifacts are typically seen when that starts to happen.
  14. Being able to enter an instance when not grouped with the person that instigated the instance is a bug and not intended game play. While that is no reason for shooting other players, others are using it to grief, and it is getting a little old. I have had seven attempts at boarding deliberately sabotaged by children in the past 4 days, and I have no recourse unless I resort to breaking the rules. Play by the rules, and complain about it here, and the thread is closed and we are told a fix is coming soon. The devs need to stop telling folks it is is going to be fixed and actually fix it. No
  15. You did this on purpose, possibly out of curiosity, but now you dont like the consequences. There is no way to mistakenly attack your own nation, you have to click confirm on the popup, the enter key does not select it.
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