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  1. I had Heller plastic model kit of that one - beautifull ship.
  2. This is Bucentaure nose (supports of the railings not shown here).
  3. Indeed it looks different hull lines, boards, nose and deck plans compared to tonnants and bucentaure, stern looks similar to buc, tonnants have a bit different stern. Ill post some updates tommorow since im doing this in my spare time. Meanwhile while studing tonnants i was amazed to see how equal are the ships in one class as proportions and hull lines and how they have character and slight difference on some lines, rudder, nose. i made this image for comparison all are tonnants - note the bulge on the front of the keel (underwater part) which is removed in the later versions, and the different aesthetics of the lines. Bucanteure "Friedland" have one similar to "Tonnant" and "Canopus" wich of course lacks the railings - one of the distinctive Bucanteure class features. Edit: Original "Le Bucentaure" have identical nose lines aesthetic to "Friedland" as it can be seen in the painting posted by Charles above. .
  4. The compass star is the floor of the captain quarters - you can see the poop deck is removable so you can look inside
  5. http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9028# Here is the "Friedland" in the French naval museum - great model build from the plans of Sane.
  6. After extensive research i felt ready to start modelling the Bucentaure class 2nd rate French ship. Since information about this type is very scarse despite being one of the backbones of french navy in the era next to Temeraire and Ocean classes, luckyly enough after reading and googling about every Tonnant and Bucentaure class ship for information i was able to find some referencess including captured tonnant plans, bucentaure lines plans from a french book by Jean Boudriot and excellent Bucentaure class model "Friedland" in the french naval museum with photos from their site and in the books as well, and paintings of the classes from the era i started laying the lines for this magnificent ship. So here is the first screanshot very early in progress. I will post updates as i work through it. Hope youll like it
  7. Le Mars was tonnant class with no information about its servise according to french wikipedia. There is HMS Mars 80 gunner but it is different ship launched 1848 (bit too late in timeframe). The model in Greenwich indeed looks like tonnant althrough its description states that includes fittings of both french and english designs and refrains of classing the model mentioning that its probably not made to scale. Im making Bucentaure class 3d model tho, Ill make a post when i have more progress
  8. Comming from a veteran EVE player i can tell you this about open world mmo sandbox pvp games - it will be harsh environment, full of 18+ language and beleve me - every exploit, weakness and game mechanic etc.. in the game is going to be used in full extent aganst you! (Add to these spies and scammers) Seriously this is inevitable and this is part of the things that make that type of games as rich and addicting as they are. Everyone is lucky in that environment though - You can make Your society(clan) and impose your rules if theres a need to do so, or find one with like minded people like you to share the good and bad moments in the game - Its Your choice and thats the beauty of it
  9. make a ship wheel and shout to the crew using voice attack
  10. Is cargo going to affect ship performance (speed and maneuverability)?
  11. I like how the poll is going. If these choices comes true in open world we are going to see wide variety of ships on the seas
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