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  1. I'm not sure you're thinking along the same lines as me with the perimeter idea. So once an enemy ship was inside the perimeter they couldn't be engaged or engage a defender themselves. They sail up to to instance marker and attempt to join. If there's space they can join, if not then they can opt to join the queue to join should someone leave or be sunk inside the instance. This forces the defenders to blockade around the perimeter itself rather than just camp the instance marker. This is where the tactical side would come into it. They could all just try to rush the centre but t
  2. Thanks for feedback man. Yeh, it will need tweaking no doubt. There needs to be a compromise between numbers and quality sure, the larger nation should have an advantage over a smaller nation with a similar level of skill on both sides but skill should decide between similar size clans. The thing to keep in mind here is that without having teleportation/lobbies/invites then it wont simply be the larger nation, it will be the larger congregation of players in that area. You could have 10k players on the opposite side of the map but they wouldn't be able to do a thing to help. Then
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply, I didn't even know where to start with this to be honest, there's so much I have to say on it. I just want to state first the reasons why I think there should be enough for everyone to participate in, yet not too many that players are in 1 or two per night. If port battles are going to be the defining battles in this game mode they need to be unique and exciting, we should be looking forward to them each week. Not having one each night. It WILL get stale like this. I know it's been spoken about too much but where is the loss/reward if a port taken one day can
  4. This can't happen I'm afraid, you'll make it so there are so many port battles that nobody cares enough to participate in them, there is an open world because players want more than just one arena match after another. They have to be special, one-off events almost. Otherwise you'll end up with nobody taking part in them. Which is exactly why this is a bad idea. Please explain what is the point in creating two game modes (Open World and Skirmish) and then making the most important aspects of one exactly like the other? You have Trafalgar battles on the click of a button in
  5. I wouldn't have an open lobby, I would stick an instance over a port on the open water map with the port battle inside. That's why we're playing an open world game, because it's preferable over lobbys and arrange skirmishes. If someone has gone to the bother of buying a 2nd account, setting up a 2nd PC, sailing to the port in question then yes, I would imagine nothing would be too much work for them. Let's say whatever system is implemented you got a player joining on one side who just sat AFK to deny his enemy an extra captain, he could easily be reported and have his account banned.
  6. When being chased, it has to be Wesley Willis - Suck a *insert expletive noun*
  7. IF they were to implement this, what would stop every large fleet taking a fodder ship along with them to initiate an instance against an attacking enemy, leaving the rest of his fleet in OW free to escape the attackers? I see the solution being just as easy to exploit as what we have, unless I'm missing something...
  8. Then that account should be reported by the player base, what clan/faction is going to sit by and allow a player doing that to be part of their fleet? ..and even still, what is stopping the same thing from happening in your lottery system? A 2nd account is just as likely to get an invite as the next players...
  9. Haha, we could do age of sail trivial pursuit! Do you really think a lottery system is a genuine option though Wind? You can picture the responses from that player who's attempted to get into one 5 or 6 times and always missed out... Why do we even need an invite system? We have an open world to decide who gets into the instance or not. Isn't that essentially what it's for? First 'faction' to enter the port battle instance is the side that will contest it with the defenders. The first 25 players who join will be the first 'wave' attackers. As they die they can be replaced by players
  10. That's cool, and totally expected behaviour. If two clans don't want to fight each other then fine but they shouldn't be able to easily help their 'sister clans' in port battles. Simply make it so that only a player of clan A can actually participate in port battles involving clan A.There should strictly only be two sides in a port battle, attacker and defender, no rouge pirates, no neighbouring factions etc.
  11. That's part of the reason why teleporting shouldn't be allowed in open world. The game should rather be designed to work without it. When talking about the clans and guilds mechanics I suggested a way to use over extension as a balancing factor between clans so that we don't end up with them challenging national powers across the whole map. This same mechanic along with no teleporting would prevent one clan of the best players or one clan with the most players owning every port too. "I would suggest that the clans/guilds are limited in the number of captains. They can increase this by improv
  12. I believe admin stated that resources would spawn at a location and the persons controlling that location would have access to those resources. I assume the rewards for taking a port should be just that. If upon losing a port in which you have ships retained, you lose the ships, then maybe the persons capturing the port are then rewarded the sum of the ships but I'm not if I would go there. Simply remove those ships from the game and the destruction of your enemies ships/resources and the benefit of the resources in that port should be your reward. I hate the idea of actually l
  13. If they were to have defending players chose the battle window it wouldn't really matter about organising the fleet so much because you couldn't afford sit around waiting, the ship would have sailed by the time everyone was ready. You would have to say in the clan/nation chat "battle window is 7-9, we must attack as soon as it opens" any players dawdling about wouldn't get into the instance right away and would run the risk of missing out.. Also, with a teleporting system, how would you choose witch nation attacks the port? There is going to be 3 or 4 possible attackers per port battle
  14. Once the instance fills up they can defend the port from outside the perimeter until there is space to join inside, like I said above. That way a port battle isn't just one instance, it's a constant battle inside and out for both sides until the window closes, without having players sat waiting in a queue for anything up to 2 hours either. A lot of these concerns are for the players to worry about, not the game developers. If a group of players cant organise themselves to attack at the same time, who's fault is that? They should be given tools to help them but working together
  15. Stick an instance on the map and let them try to join it...? Inviting players from the other side of the map to defend their port seems backwards to me. Surely you should have to actually be there to defend it otherwise all you've done is made an arena battle to decide who owns a port in an open world game mode? The open world has to come into it for me, which is why I tried to encompass it in the port battles.
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