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  1. I like the idea to have a choice in naming your own ship. There are going to be thousands of captains in this game so having 2000+ ships with the name 'Constitution' sailing the high seas would be confusing and a bit annoying. Kind of like an "I'm Spartacus" scenario. I don't know how naming your ship could be implimented, either through a name-generator or through an obscenity filter. All I know is that I'd like to be able to give my ship an unique name.
  2. I'm going to be difficult and consider myself Northern European.
  3. How's the open World part of the game going to work? Will you be defined by the character you make or will any interactions be simply between Captain of *ship name* and Admiral of *fleet name* ETC? I've been looking at a lot of the comments in this thread and I have no problem with female captains of pirate ships whatsoever. (Never did really) The only thing that I'm hung up on are openly female captains of national naval vessal. It's just too unrealistic a scenario for me to get past. (Unless you guys can show me a case of a female in a national navy who had a commission of captaincy over a vessal) I just want to make sure that things are as completely historically accurate as possible because I derive a lot of pleasure from games that have the maximum amount of realism regardless of what it entails, I know that this is "Just a game" but it's important to me.
  4. What type of ships did the Ottoman Navy have? Galleys? It might be interesting to see but I don't think that their ships would stand up to the modern sailing vessals of western nations. I don't know much about the history, would be very interesting. As for gender being a "social construct" I was in fact being sarcastic, it's the type of crap that leftists usually spew out, thought you were the sort to believe in that tripe but congrats on realizing that there are genetic differences between males and females. (Some people arn't so bright) Mount & Blade had a fantasy setting if I'm not mistaken so historical accuracy or realism didn't need to be included, playing as a female character even added a higher difficulty factor and more challenge to the game so the introduction of female characters was a good thing. Completely different with a game such as this which is supposed to be completely historically accurate. I don't care if there are instances of 1-3 female captains of pirate ships or a handful of women who went 'in disguise' to serve as men in Navies. Let's be real about this, even if females wanted a character in a Navy then they'll have to be disguised as men anyway so what's the point? As for pirates, just make a mod for it. The developers have enough on their plate as it is without the distraction of making female pirate captain avatars for a negligible female playerbase. (There's no way that this game is going to have a 50/50 divide amongst the genders, once again, let's be real)
  5. Love these types of games, big fan of the 'Age of Sail' and 'Patrician' games. This game has so much promise!
  6. Why not make some of the avatars serving Muslim? It may be perceived as being 'insulting' to the Muslim playerbase that will buy this game, after all we are playing in the present day and not in the past. Hell, seeing as gender is only a social construct anyway maybe the inclusion of a 'gender' option would be insulting in itself. We also know that sailors have a reputatation for how shall I say, 'playing' together. I think that we should have some simulated moans and groans below deck to make the homosexual community feel right at home. Let's be honest about the whole 'female characters' thing that certain individuals want to push forward in this game, It's in my opinion the usual social engineering BS so that people in the future will just blindly accept the "fact" that females served in the military en masse. Just like the disgusting pushing through of the idea that 50% of Viking armies had females serving in the shield wall because of certain twisting of facts and gross exaggerations. Just like all those movies that depict American soldiers during WWII as all being big strong GI Joes who captured that there Enigma machine to save the poor incompetent English and sort out all this war mess in Europe. *D-Day landing, Punches a Nazi out* That's for Auschwitz!! (Let the eyerolling commence) Thanks for saving us America. *Licks boots* I hate things that arn't realistic or historically accurate, it kills all immersion in a game for me besides, if females really are so cut up about the lack of female representation then you know what? They can create a mod to include a female character should they so wish. (Or they can get some man to make it for them if it's too difficult) Shouldn't be difficult to make seeing as any females in the Navy would have to disguise themselves as men anyway... with male names too I might add. This is going the route of Total War games isn't it? *sigh* Before that happens and the leftist hand wringers on this forum pressure the game devs to include their bad ideas let's speak up for reality and not make this a fantasy/alternate reality game please. I for one say NO to female characters in this game! Sorry if my opinion isn't 'progressive' enough but there it is.
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