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  1. When I first started playing I found the sailing long distances a "game breaking" tedium. but then I found out I could sail to a free port ONCE buy a port and after that I could get my ships delivered after battles. So I sailed to Le a Varce, then La Mona, then Plymouth and I had the time of my life sending ships to plymouth and then I was close enough to enemy capitals to actually find a PvP fight within ten minutes of setting off on patrol by myself in enemy waters. I live in Australia and I can't play when the EU server is full so when I play the server population is LOW. I simple won't sail all the way across the map for few fights. It is hard enough being in enemy waters alone in my Agamemnon and being chased by 8 players ! PcE is of no interest to me whatsoever. I have so much trouble getting anyone to come out to Plymouth with me. They all don't want to sail out there even ONCE. Many of my clan mate have refused to do it even once. They say they rather just do an AI mission in front of Jamaca so they don't have to sail so far. And now you want to make all of us sail all the way over EVERY TIME !?! And what i find really confusing is all the people saying this is a good idea?!? What game are they playing ? Getting ships delivered IS crucial for EVERYONE who lives on the far side of the world and can't play at 3am when the server is full. Sailing across the map by my self on an low server with practically no chance of interception is a ridiculous waste of my precious time I thought the ship delivery after a battle was great. One battle might last 20 or 30 minutes to win and capture a ship so it is still time consuming work but I gain experience at capturing ships and shooting and sailing. But sailing an hour or two across the map with NOTHING TO DO is crazy! There is no navigation, no plotting, no sextants... or really anything at all to do while you slowly sail into the wind for no reason except wasting time ... Please don't do it! I'm not gonna threaten to stop playing but off the top of my head I can think of dozens of things I would rather do than fall asleep staring at the screen for an hour and a half while I sail from Jamaica to Plymouth
  2. I play historical wargames because I love the rich history. This kind of crap is just "gaming the game" and I will continue to avoid doing this kind of thing. Pour scorn on people who do it, and encourage the devs to improve the game so we can use real world tactics wherever possible.. There is no honour in this, and winning with these tactics just makes you look too weak to fight like a man. I will take my victories with fine sailing and accurate gunnery. If I get beaten by this tactic then it is not even a real victory. I pity anyone who feels so weak they need to fight like this to "win."
  3. The After Battle Screen waiting problem. We all know what it is like to be attacked by large enemy group while sailing a fast frigate in enemy waters and after 30 mins of hard fighting and sailing downwind and away from the enemy you finally escape, only leave the After Battle Screen and find yourself teleported back to the original place the battle started, where you are surrounded by enemy ships waiting for you to pop out of the battle. They attack you immediately and then you repeat the whole battle again, sailing away and after another half an hour of fighting your way out and escaping again, you get teleported back to where the battle started and you are surrounded again... Sigh. I don't want to sit in the After Battle Screen and wait half an hour hoping they get bored. When I am on the chasing team I also don't want to wait for an enemy that has escaped me "fair and square" to be teleported back to the battle starting position. If they escaped then they have earned it. If the position of the ships were on the battle map is conserved when you go back to the open world map then it would make more sense and fine seamanship would be rewarded. The five minute time limit would stop players from abusing this system and sailing all the way home invulnerable.
  4. A dynamic economic incentive that encourages smaller ships to work together and temps big ships to risk going it alone. Leave the tactical side of things toward the realistic end of the scale and try to balance the game with strategic measures like economic incentives and supplies.
  5. Yes but at point black range splash damage can be a concern and negatively affect moral
  6. I haven't actually played yet. But watching videos on youtube I was struck by the fact that no timing for pitch and roll of the boat seemed to be necessary when firing canon. At least in the videos I watched, in stormy weather the aiming line didn't move up and down with the movements of the boat. In my mind the hardest part of aiming a canon at sea would be accounting for the roll and pitch of the boat. You would have to train the gun on target, elevate for estimated range, then wait for the timing of the roll of the ship to fire the gun. The OP suggestion seems like a good idea for more realistic gunnery but as in most simulators that I play, the difficulty and realism that I relish is often too much for many other players. On the other hand... The timing of individual shots to account ot the roll of the boat was not the captains responsibility. The gunners did the aiming and firing of the canon. The captain has more important things to think about. The captains performance in other decisions would suffer if he had to think about the timing of each ranging shot. It's probably fine the way it is. Maybe an option to look down the barrel of a gun and manually aim and fire yourself should also mean you have to wait for the roll of teh boat to fire.
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