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  1. This is not realistic at all. How would a Captain magically know his distance to a port while at sea with no coordinates on his chart and apparently a navigator who cannot tell him where he is? What we had before was at least passably realistic, a map with coordinates and a way for a Captain to find out his position then look on the map for where that puts him. The removal of map coordinates was not a move towards realism, it was purely to make it harder to navigate at the expense of realism.
  2. Hey I just noticed this thread, nice! I have the name Elcid Barrett in game too Unfortunately I have no time to commit to a guild right now. I do however wish you good luck and Goodspeed!
  3. Ganking itself comes in many flavors. I have been ganked (and done a little ganking myself) in this game and others. I have been ganked and had the gankers say to me after, "Good fight, not much you could do" or something to that effect. I leave the encounter thinking of ways to not let that happen again, but not upset. I have had other times where the ganker gives you some version of, "lolz roflstomped you n00b!" I leave that encounter thinking 'I am 43.. there must be a better use of my time"... Every PvP game I have played has had some sort of debate on how to make PvP better. Unfortunately the only way to make PvP better is to ensure you are PvPing with a better class of people, which of course is pretty much impossible to control.
  4. It isn't a new bug, just a returning one it seems. We used to have NPC ships sail through islands in the closed alpha.
  5. I think players would quit faster if they had nothing left to grind for already.
  6. The point of a PvE server usually is to not be attacked by Players. This is the only game I know of where a PvE server means no AI aggro.
  7. Ahh gotcha. I did notice that with a few neutral ports on the north coast of South America. Thanks!
  8. Out of curiosity, what was the problem with Gibraltar? I logged out there last night and can take no missions this morning.
  9. How many games allow you to take your character with all of their XP and items to another server at the player's convenience? I can't think of any.
  10. Assuming "there is only one way to make people fight" is to assume there is only one reason people choose not to fight, which I doubt is the case.
  11. Going back to the OP, there are other reasons people will chose not to fight. I was playing a Pirate and had a National in the same ship try to engage me, which I easily avoided. He sent me a PM asking why, to which I replied that a pirate does not look for a fair fight, he looks for prey. In a National ship I would engage in a fair fight, but flee from overwhelming odds. For me it is about doing what I believe a captain of that ship would do in that situation. RP'ing the role if you will. If someone who feels this a a "PvP game" gets offended, oh well.
  12. qw569, are you somehow looking at an older version of the map? All of the additions you mention are already there on the current map. https://goo.gl/ttZkz9
  13. CaƱo Macareo is shown as Shallow on the map and Deep water in game. Thanks for your work on the map!
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