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  1. *Update* When you leave the harbor you are actually in the correct harbor. Allthou in my case, it said Salina point in the city screen, the shop and production displayed was Gustavias. And when i left town i started outside Gustavia so..
  2. Månis


    Create a filter in your gmail and have it send all notifications to a folder. From there it's easy to go thru and delete unwanted mails.
  3. Earlier this weekend, when i logged of i was either in Gustavia or Plymouth ( Cant quite remember ) but when i logged on today, i'm in Salina Point???? How did that happen?? *edit* And every ship i had in Gustavia is in Salina Point also. Ticket created ingame
  4. Hmk wants to welcome the following captains. Both new captains and old friends from old who joined us ( in no special order) Nisse Hultenlöw Elune Baq Holger Huggtand Stiernklinga Ribbenholt Totmess LeGaard Carl von Nordensköld GP Gustavs Wasa Carl von Engström Constance Bonacieux Miggy Granat Erik Hell Gideon Kreuger Edwin af Yrvind Leijonstråle Marcus von Löwen Claas Uggla
  5. Glad you liked it. Now it's time for us to write the second chapter of our history. Who knows, you might become the star in it
  6. Nice to see you too Lucien. Werner is not ingame atm but i'm sure he will join us soon
  7. That was really an impressive sight on the OS.
  8. So its Swedens fault that the Danish allies didnt help Denmark enough in their war against the smallest nation on the map? Eh what? First you say that the Danes has no big nation next door and then you say they do? Make up your mind please.
  9. Oh yeah.. I forgot Denmark doesnt have any allies at all, right? *FACEPALM*
  10. Ehh... say what? The Danish forces who showed up were more organized in their battles, had a much heavier fleet ( lots of 3rd rates against the Swedish frigates ) and they came in greater number. Where you even somewhere close to Fort Baai / Oranjestadt? Sweden compared to Denmark is a very desolated nation. Denmark has after the battles of yesterday 18 ports, Sweden has 9... And you call Denmark desolated? Impressive...
  11. Ehm.. that wasnt a cat... It was actually a wig someone left behind during the last HMK-party.
  12. I never recived any gold or helped you escape... But i will add bribe to the list as well
  13. You are hearby wanted for Treason and AWOL! You and your collaborators are ordered to report in to the HMK HQ in Gustavia at once where you will face trial for AWOL and Treason against the Swedish crown! All your ships and personal belongings ( if you ever had any that is...) will be confiscated according to Swedish laws. You will be facing an extremely biased and drunk jury who will decide your fate! You will have until 15:00 this Saturday to turn yourself in. ( Not before because we are busy visiting our "local provision provider" to fill up our storage rooms ) If you report in
  14. Wow! That's sounds good! Hmk only has around 10 peeps atm. Say, is the old CSNF forum still up and running?
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