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  1. Does the Loki rune work on the PVE server?
  2. I would love to have port battles on the PVE server, either AI fleet sails in and attacks your port and you have to defend, if you fail to win the port is lost and you have to attack it back, would need some other way of building hostility to enable the attack but it does need something, more aggressive AI, more events so that large scale battles are possible. It would certainly attract me back to the game for sure, the PVP server is just too toxic and ganky for me I get no fun out of it and the PVE server is a little too quiet for me
  3. so lets pay to modify the ship and model, now that seems fair enough, however if this change includes modifications to the stats and characteristics of the ship, well done you just introduced pay to win...
  4. But no one does that anymore, personally I would be happy with a world of warships style arena based game, that was where i had most fun, if they had a server with just that I would be all over it like a rash
  5. Personally I loved the lobby based arena fighting version of this game, it was where I had most fun, I have frankly stopped playing after the last updates, I cant get the time to get to let alone be involved in a port battle or anything "fun" all I ended up doing was sailing around gathering materials and making ships, this kept me interested for a while but honestly the limited time I have to play I would much prefer an arena based thing where I can queue up have a massive fight win some gold and XP/items and go at it again, the open world is beautiful but it is a massive time sink and I just dont have that time to spare, so please can we have an arena based server, just arena no open world ships are purchased through gold and items won from PVP to increase the quality of the ships etc.
  6. Im not fine with it as a player who cant get onto the game and sit there for 3 hours to get over to where it has spawned my wreck, i picked up the bottle around pedro cay and its put the wreck up at Selam, I dont want it to go back to how it was before but seriously it would take me 3 nights to get over there logging out at sea, I dont have time to throw into this for 3 hours straight anymore so I miss out on large chunks of the game purely because of the way it is designed, I would like to suggest a happy balance between hardcore purists who want to sail for days to reach a port and those of us who have to work and do other things that mean we cant spend our whole time on here.
  7. Sadly it seems thats how they adjust things, they are either too hard or too easy then they swing to the complete polar opposite rather than incremental adjustments until its right i would suggest the phrase "Measure twice cut once" but i am not sure they would get it.
  8. Dont we then have the problem we had before you get massive gank fleets sailing around, its still a gank just a bigger gank, its very tricky and I like a lot of these suggestions but I have one simple proposal, if one side outnumbers another then the battle is open to reinforcements until the BR is balanced or close to being balanced then it closes, 2 min is too short a time and just promotes a small fast gank squad mentality, if the gank squad jump a single player and for arguments said BR was 600 vs 200 in a 3 vs 1 scenario, the battle stays open only to the outnumbered side until the BR is 600 vs 600 or near enough then its closed.
  9. Counter the issue of no risk of officers by making it impossible to take a ship out without an officer, you have to have at least 1 active officer available and equipped on your ship to sail it and you can put other officers onto shore leave to put them out of use or into "barracks" if you want to keep them in reserve to use on different engagements with a rank based number of reserve slots with say 5 shore leave slots similar to outpost slots that get progressively more expensive as you open them up with a daily charge for board and lodgings for officers on shore leave but not those in your reserve as they are on active duty and living in military accommodation.
  10. I have made the point probably until most of the SLRN are bored of it that first rates in this game are just too damned easy to get, they should be the rarity not the norm which they are, some mechanic needs to be introduced to make them back to the rarity in numbers as you have pointed out in your historic battle stats. Either make them crazy incredibly expensive to build (many gold notes more than we have now to get one) or give them some kind of crazy resource requirement to keep them maintained in fighting condition/take to battle, say its 10 million gold to provision a first rate to make it so you can sail it into the open world, that way its rare as rocking horse s**t in the open world, I know it wont happen this way but its nice to dream
  11. I was thinking on how you could do blueprint development/discovery going forward, perhaps when you craft a frigate you learn between 5 and 10% of a ship blueprint, like you craft a frigate and it teaches you how to do the framing for a trinc, the minimum you get for each craft is 5% so the maximum number of frigates to get the whole blueprint is 20 and the minimum would be 10 frigates, you could have a UI with the ship blueprint and it builds up as you gain more knowledge in that ship.
  12. A smaller division of the time that labour hour regeneration ticks would be nice but I am sure this will generate extra load onto the servers, all these things come at a cost, if it has to calculate the total for 5000 players every 15 minutes instead of every hour you have effectively quadrupled the load for this one task...
  13. that doesnt mean that the ship builders didnt put the magazine right there, I agree knowing where the internal elements of your ship are may change how you use it and it would be a good thing to have visible but only in port as you have suggested.
  14. Increase the hours required to craft them and make them give you a nice chunk of crafting EXP say between 250-500 EXP per note, make them need say 500 hours and give you lots of exp for crafting one, not just 1 xp and you will make the better ships rarer.
  15. I welcome the addition of another server but can we also close the creation of new characters on the PVP one server for the moment or the queues will never come down, despite everyones best efforts i fear that new players will be attracted to the large player volume on PVP one server and not create an account elsewhere, please note i say a temporary ban to be lifted later on when the populations have balanced themselves out a bit.
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