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  1. I haven't played in a while & just recently started playing a bit again. I've been playing on the PvE server & have been joining the port battles & open world battles when I see them. Well today I joined one & got a angry message to me telling to gtfo out of their battle. Did I break some unwritten rule of etiquette by clicking on the crossed-swords/join battle icon?
  2. I'm probably going to get scolded for saying this but.. this community scares me more & more each & every day. I fear this "trying to make the community a better place" stuff will end up making me not wanting to play & regretting my purchase. Actually, that's already started happening. I really, really do not trust/have no faith in community 'police' for the lack of a better term. I'm faaaaar more trusting of a official 'policing' program than I am a community based one. Just say NO! to democracy!
  3. Depends on the pirate captain as well. Some may have been more loose with the grog while others not so much.
  4. Yes & I used that very same menu. This was around a month, maybe more ago & was told iirc that customizing keybinds was not yet fully supported & was something they were working on. I've been using Auto since then. Some good news: I'm no longer crashing when a match ends. I suspect the crashing was something more on my end, than something the game did. Driver issue or something like that.
  5. I bought this game so I could play a pirate in a somewhat historical setting in a somewhat historical manner. If pirates are not added I will not play & will be very, very, upset. Also if the game does not give the importance that pirates are rightfully due I will not play & again will be very, very upset.
  6. Ugh.. really? I hope not as I quit grinding for the SoLs after the ship wipe.
  7. A while back I tried binding my Auto/Manual Skipper function to another key as I was accidentally pressing it at the most inopportune times but as I found out setting a custom key binding is not yet supported. Since that time I have been using AutoSkipper only & I would very much like to be able to use ManualSkipper. I have followed the instructions on deleting the key binds in the regedit but that didn't work & I still cannot use Manual Skipper & now my game crashes to desktop after a match completes. :*(
  8. I'd tell ya but I don't want anybody to steal it or use it to ID me once Open World is.. errr.. opened up.
  9. The sweet, sweet music of water splashing against the sides of my ship, the sound of wind in the sails, the roar of cannon fire & the splintering of wood of my enemy's ship.
  10. I very much want to see multiple characters that can be in any faction. If it's only 1 character/1account & 1 nation I will be incredibly disappointed. I have friends scattered across the (real)world & many of us are going to be sailing for our own (real world)nation & I want to be able to play -with- them & not -against- them when I choose to do so.
  11. Yes, I am stoked for SC. I also play ED & NA as well of course. I see no issues with playing all three.
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