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  1. Hi Valenti That sounds great. I actually started modelling the hull tonight of the Endeavour but more reference would be great. Will pm cheers
  2. Thanks for that. Alot of great information. You are right that the scale models are a great source for plans and reference. I have used that technique to model helicopters before. I have searched around and found some good reference for HMS Endeavour which I will make a start on. Its not really a very threatening boat. Poorly performing ex collier that carries 20 guns. If I want to do something smaller i might do that row boat. A texture pack would be great. I can share whatever i generate.
  3. Weirdguy. Have just been looking for plans for the HMS Endeavour. Have not found anything useful (ie detailed and large enough) yet. I don't mind what it is really. Small is good for starters. My other concern was to build something that has fire power as I am not sure that exploration or merchant type vessels will be required. Thanks for the nautical terminology tip. What are some good sites for plans? Google is only providing so much. Send me a link or post a suggestion to model. cheers
  4. Thanks for all the tips. I am using 3ds Max
  5. Hi I am new to the NA community and am keen to model a ship. I have over 15 years 3d modeling experience. Some in Naval / Defence simulation. More modern than NA you understand I would prefer to model something that is in demand / requested by admin. Smaller class / size would be good to get started as remodeling I understand that tech specs are not released so far. Not withstanding my desire to start with something small I would also be interested in modeling something bigger like Cooks Endeavour (there will be more exploration in future releases?) or "First Fleet" ships ( I live in Australia) Also reading Patrick Obrians Aubrey Maturin series so keen on modeling anything from that. Also is there any forum or facility for sharing resources such as textures and techniques. I would be interested in seeing some other complete models to understand poly limits, texture sizes and setup. These are then imported to Unity correct ( I also have some experience in this). So any suggestions on boats appreciated or shoud i just look to the polls. Thanks
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