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  1. Nobody said anything about excluding any kind of player. It appears you also want the game to work for YOU. Either that or your comment has no merit. I'm talking about EXPANDING the possibilities without taking away from the existing play style options. But if you want to have a niche game, good luck making it financially viable at this scale. I'm pretty sure you care just as much about having a good player base as I do. That is all I intended to help with.
  2. First an observation: Player base is dwindling... Next, a suggestion that might help, based on what I've heard from fellow players and read voiced on the forums: Make playing NA accessible and rewarding with similar experience regardless of play time invested and whether one is playing solo few hrs a week or in a clan several hrs every day. This also applies to ships, blueprints and all the other possible activities possible in the game available to everyone. Yes, NA is an MMO but with one important distinction: IT'S NOT FREE TO PLAY! Nowhere is it stated in the game description that certain activities are much more difficult or neigh impossible to do unless you spend much more time playing the game then others, preferably you're in a clan and don't mind being available at specific times for such things as port battles, events, etc. Now, with other free-to-play MMOs one can say, nothing invested, nothing lost. However, NA sells for hard cash outright therefore as one is buying a product one is rightfully expecting to buy the same product as the next person. I know many things are still being worked on so that is why I make this suggestion now while things are fluid. Please, don't forget that not everyone has the same amount of time to invest in this game. Not everyone has the same play style. Right now these factors make too much of a difference in the game experience. Emphasis is on "too much"! Of course there should be some differences and rewards for added effort, etc. But the current range of game experiences dependent on time spent, availability and solo vs. team play is driving many players away. The fact is: EVERYONE paid the same amount of money to play the game! Thanks and keep improving this beautiful game!
  3. Specifically, since there is a good trader tool now in the map it would be useful after capping traders to decide what loot to keep based on market prices. There should be no drawbacks or unfair advantage in battle by making it available already in the battle result screen. Alternately, if only the trader tool can be made available that would be helpful too.
  4. Welcome to the drawbacks of being "big". Deal with it and don't over-expand beyond your means.
  5. It's a Steam bug. If a game is in your online library but not in your local it's still says "play" or even "buy" in some cases but when you click it will just get downloaded for free and added to your local cache. It's a labeling issue.
  6. Because double shot is not regular ammo, it's a perk with a limited quantity. Quantity is shown in the ammo type box and is the number of balls not the number of broadsides! It fooled me too. You basically only get off a couple of broadsides total.
  7. You probably ran out of double shot ammo. There is only a very limited supply and when it's gone the type doesn't automatically switch back to single.
  8. I noticed that captured ships now don't show the wood type. Is this a bug? The ones I captured pre-patch are still showing the type of wood they're made of.
  9. Well, I don't have the numbers, you don't have the numbers. So without hard evidence it's all perception, right? Yet it is interesting to see the volume of complaints considering that according to you there is no issue... It's not about training. It's about parameters of ship behavior. It's easier to overcome by groups of coordinated human actions but I'd like to see how this works with equal ships ai vs human 1v1 right now. From what I experienced and hearing it's not good... Don't forget that we still would like more players to join this game. They will be beginners in cutters and such. Another thing I noticed is how ai will react to the human control INPUT and not to what your ship does. Example, as soon as I make a rudder input on a Bellona (and without rudder upgrades) the ai IMMEDIATELY responds with a matching fast turn even before my ship actually started turning! A human would have to see my ship actually turning first then judge and execute the matching response. That human will not know the moment I STARTED turning the rudder. Yet ai does. Of course it's programming. It's actually simpler to do it that way but a very unrealistic representation of a proper opponent.
  10. I vote for choices (without breaking game balance). Choice is always good and adds variety to game play and should also include the choice in the level of difficulty one would like to face and in the variety of game play modes. There are players of various levels in this game, preferring different types of game play and playing either mostly solo or in groups. All are valid play modes and if the game allows the various game modes and opponents (both player and NPC) to be selected based on what makes the most enjoyable (and possibly challenging) game play to them it would greatly benefit this game and would bring it to a wider audience. In short greater options in NPC fleet difficulty within a range of classes, allow capturing of smaller NPC vessels (up to Frigate) and make the AI behave with equal parameters to a human controlled ship. Seeing ship turn rates, yard turn rates, sail raising speeds, accuracy, reload times from an ai that FAR exceeds what's possible in a player ship with full gold upgrades is just simply disheartening and frustrating in most player's view. Note, these factors have nothing to do with human skill. They're simply over-boosted performance parameters on the ai's part. More challenge is good. More OPTIONS to pick a suitable challenge is even better. Keep up the good work!
  11. TheSlickOne

    Hotfix 9.71

    I think at the end of the day it's a simple matter. It's a game. People play games to have fun. I left other games and came to NA because those other games became frustrating, not fun and NA was fun. At the current patch state it is not fun any more. So if it stays like this me and my mates will leave this game too. Simple as that. I recommended this game to my friend as a buy. Needless to say anybody who is now disappointed with where this game is going will do the opposite if things don't change.
  12. TheSlickOne

    Hotfix 9.71

    Oh and please adjust OP Ai. I'm now terrified of them Pickles. Won't eat them no more.
  13. TheSlickOne

    Hotfix 9.71

    Just in the nick of time... I'm almost sunk.
  14. Just checking if anyone else had this issue: I captured a ship and while still in battle made it available to all. My friend sailed up to it but wasn't able to capture it. He didn't get the (X) but instead a message "capture possible no". I asked him to F11 and report with screenshot. It has happened to him several times since the past few days. Even if he captures a ship, he can not swap ships while still in battle (all other ai ships killed), gets the same message. After battle screen the ship is there and there he can take command without problem. Anyone else had this? I myself have no problem swapping into captured ships and back to the original. But he is having this issue since 2-3 days. Meanwhile, my friend sent me a screenshot of an already capped ship by him showing what he saw after exiting the boarding screen ( note the text:"capture possible:[no" ) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/273966218652958344/8DA8CE3E595BBCD4F7CDC47E0CEC373346A51C0A/
  15. Ah, I see. I must switch to a better brand of rum...
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