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  1. A nice thing to add for destroyers would be the ability to order them to fire torpedoes on a specific heading and spread. Its really annoying how badly inaccurate the AI is at launching torpedoes and it would be nice to line them up and fire a spread of torpedoes against an entire battle line instead of an inaccurate volley on one ship that will probably miss.
  2. I discovered this on my first mission with the new patch while recording for my youtube channel. I have attached a small unlisted clip of the video showing what happened. As far as I can tell from this battle and the next battle I had is that when torpedoes are launched at an angle too close to the ship the torpedoes just disappear. Its really soul wrenching when you have such a nice torpedoed run and it gets ruined when torpedoes' just kinda go poof. Especially when it would have been such an easy win.
  3. Hello. I loaded the game after updating and the AI gave me this for one of the destroyer missions. The turret clips into the tower.
  4. Hi, I discovered an unanticipated glitch. I am playing the wounded beast mission and I found out that my 14 inch guns I had initially tried the mission with just were not doing the job. So I tried upgrading to 15 inch guns. But due to the weight of the guns and turrets instead of using a 3, 3, 3, 3, (2 turrets, 3 guns forward, 2 turrets, 3 guns aft) I went with a 2, 3, 3, 2, arrangement (1 twin and 1 triple forward, 1 twin and 1 triple aft). I expected all the 15 inch guns to be part of the main battery. Instead what I got was a split battery where only two turrets (I forgot if it was the trip
  5. Yes, once so far. 1. Wounded Beast. 2. When the timer was nearly up. 3. Only one attempt at Wounded Beast. 4. At the point of time of the crash there were only 3 ships remaining. 5. Point blank, less then 3 km. 6. x3. 7. What guns still had ammo on both sides were shooting, not an insignificant number even at that late a stage. The main guns of my battleship were off at the time of the crash to conserve ammo for optimal point blank shots. 8. No. Since this mission was for ongoing youtube series for the game I actually have a video of the entire
  6. I would absolutely love to test your game. Ultimate General Civil War turned out great, Naval Action is turning out well, I expect this to be great as well.
  7. Hello. I have just purchased this game, I was never really interested in getting it (but I do have the Naval Action game). When I was a kid I played civil war games to death burning myself out on them and now largely view them as history textbooks in a way since much of this history is no longer taught in schools thanks to PC crap. But one thing I will never stand for a censorship. I have bought it for that reason and that reason alone. I will be making a video of it to post on youtube. It will be a bit of a soapbox video about whats going on, I hope you dont mind. I also hope it gets you s
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