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  1. Grizwald

    Naval Action Meme collection

  2. Grizwald

    Creepy Monster Bug

    Lol, in the first pick he is gathering salt. They are the gun crews stretched out, they are all doing the reload dance. Funny bug.
  3. Congratulations Jeheil, heres a sub for your 1000 subs
  4. Grizwald

    Marked with the Black Spot - NO LONGER USED

    Those damned sea creatures be tough to snag in me nets.
  5. Grizwald

    Bring back F9

    Please do, was a nice little feature. So many pixels for your viewing pleasure... https://postimg.org/image/ex0m9a1a7/
  6. Grizwald

    Clan Dockspace

  7. Grizwald

    Little things you'd like to see

    One day it would be nice to see the gun ports closed on the trader Lynx and trader Snow.
  8. Grizwald

    Which ship should I day sail on?

    Deffinatly the PoB2 or Niagara! I hope u take some pics.
  9. Grizwald

    The Decatur Armada

    Looks to me like I have those child bearing hips. Thanks fellas...
  10. Grizwald

    Naval Action Meme collection

    LoL, thats pretty good Otto.
  11. Grizwald

    Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Grizwald

    Enemy Rolled Over

    A bit too often, even the lager ships would capsize. It was fun to watch, heres a screen of Tommy Shelby rolling over a Bellona I found from a while back.
  13. Grizwald

    My Screenshots

    A few screenshots, some modified in Photo Shop.
  14. Grizwald

    Prater's Map In Game - How To

    Prater, you play no games when you play this game well done man, works perfectly. o7