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  1. Question, how do you communicate outside the game? do you use mumble, ts or discord?
  2. I have heard that some European countries has found ways to increase their oak production by almost 75% thanks to more advanced equipment and better felling techniques, hopefully they will provide us with the necessary schematics and notes so that we can increase our production of oak as well.
  3. I would love to see that the items in the store is sorted alphabetically, like most traders I have a spreadsheet showing the buying and the selling price of each resource in the different ports, each time I visit a port I update my sheet and it can be a bit of a hassle because I have to jump all over the sheet/shop list to find the different resources.
  4. Hey there, so I haven't really played naval action since OW got released mainly due to the lack of a proper internet connection I have finally managed to get back into the game and since I'm danish I decided to join the Danish-Norwegian fleets which has led me to your Clan/Guild which I hope I can join One more thing, it's about TS now I don't mind using TS and I have been using ts for a few years but if you want to do yourself a favor then go and check out the discordapp it's a relatively new and free text/voice channel service where you can create your own server, where you can have as many text channels and voice channels it is user friendly and it offers a lot of customization when it comes to roles, permission etc, it's availbable in browsers, as a desktop app for windows and Mac(linux is coming soonish) and as a mobile app for android and apple ios. trust me, you wont regret it
  5. Dividing the countries into 2 factions makes sense for the sake of testing but that's also about it. I think that one of the biggest parts of this game should be to have he option to form allegiances with other countries and break them, go to war together and back stab each other and not be bound by 100% historically accuracy when it comes to who can form alliances with who(like Denmark can't form an alliance with Sweden) and so on. Imo this game should be all about forming our own history through war declaration, forming alliances, peace treaties and trading goods, and not about who used to be at war with who and so on back then. That's my 2 cent on this subject
  6. hmmm thats an interesting comment there my good sir especially that last line anyways it shouldn't take more than a few battles to get through those ships
  7. first off The Danish West Indies consisted of the Caribbean islands St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The colony was sold to the United States in 1917, since which time the three islands have been known as the United States Virgin Islands. With that out of the way, I do not see any reason why portugal shouldn't become a part of naval action at some point in time
  8. Hmm det virker da som en meget god ide, sign me up Hehe ja det har du ret i
  9. yeah if they are in a generous moot they might give you a top down digital copy of the map. this is a picture of how holmen looked from a top down point of view back in 1801/1807 recreated of course, and Reden is located just north of that
  10. Yeah that's also my general thoughts, maybe set the minimum amount to either 0 or 4 for pvp battles during the low hours(I believe between 4 am and 3 pm gmt is the slowest period atm correct me if I'm wrong)
  11. In part 2 out of 3 in a danish documentary that is centered around the battle in 1801, 1807 and the aftermath(1808-15) we are told that the English diplomat Francis James Jackson in 1807 gave the Danish king(in this case the crown prince Frederic VI who was ruling in his fathers place King Christian VII because his father was sick) an ultimatum to hand over the entire Danish-Norwegian fleet.
  12. The Danish Navy’s History On the 10th of August 1510, King Hans Henrik Krummedige was appointed as “the supreme captain for all Captains, people and servants on the sea. We, our Kingdom and Country in service against our enemies.” This document, is estimated to be the Royal Danish Navy’s “Birth certificate” Dominion over the Baltic Sea. Denmark was during most of the 1500s and early 1600s the most dominate naval force on the Baltic Sea. It was necessary if Denmark were to maintain its extensive kingdom of Norway, large possessions in south Sweden and North Germany. Alongside that Denmark was able to collect the valuable Øresunds toll. King Christian IV claimed, that Denmark had sovereignty over the Baltic Sea - Dominum Maris Baltici. The King however wasn’t really a smart diplomat and in 1643-45 the Danish navy was up against the Swedish navy and the Dutch auxiliary fleet. Which resulted in the Danish navy’s biggest defeat at the Fehmern belt on the 13th of October 1644. Between 1645 and 1658 Denmark had to cede large areas of land to Sweden. Revenge at sea In the Scanian war 1675-79 and the great Nordic war in 1709-20 Denmark tried to recapture the lost territories back. The navy did well in these two wars. The naval officer Niels Iuel(1629 - 1697) was an excellent naval leader. He led the navy in the big sea battle 1st of July 1677 between Falsterbro and Stevns, where the Danish navy won a devastating victory against the Swedish. In the following year he helped modernize the fleet that had its base on Holmen in Copenhagen. The great Nordic war did also give birth to a great sea hero hos name was Peter Tordenskiold. It was partly thanks to him that the fleet drew the longest straw in this war against the Swedish Naval battle between Stevns and Falsterbro 1st of July 1677. It might be Denmarks most convincing victory ever. Painting by Viggo Fauerholt in 1856. Only a few equipped ships. After the great Nordic battle there was a long period with peace time. In this period Denmark had the 5-6th strongest navy. However that didn’t mean that all of their ships were at sea because that would have been too expensive for the state’s finances so most of the ships lay unarmed and unequipped on Holmen. If a war broke out the Navy’s crew would re-equip the fleet’s ships as if they were on an assembly line from Holmen’s many depots. This meant that Denmark had enough money to maintain a very big fleet, however it also meant that the country was vulnerable, if an enemy decided to attack its capitol city (Copenhagen). The Navy’s open theft In the early 1800s, Denmark came into conflict with the world's strongest naval power of Great Britain. Britain was annoyed with the fact that neutral Denmark earned tons of money selling goods to Britain’s enemies. A British fleet attacked Copenhagen on the 2 April 1801. It led to the battle of Copenhagen. Denmark lost, but the battle didn’t weaken the Danish fleet significantly. The British however was still a bit insecure about the threat that the Danish navy could be against the very important British Baltic trade. So in 1807 they attacked again but this time on land. After a long bombardment, Copenhagen surrendered and the British took the entire Danish navy as spoils of war – 16 Danish ships of the line, 15 Frigates and corvettes and 14 smaller vessels and that was the end of Denmark’s power on the sea. Rebuilding the fleet After the Napoleon wars, where Denmark went bankrupt and lost Norway, the navy had to rebuild it’s fleet. According to the fleet plan in 1815, Denmark was going to have 6 ships of the line, 8 frigates and 8 corvettes or brigs and 80 gun boats. That fleet was strong enough to block the german ports in the Scleswhig wars in 1848-51 and 1864. It also defeated the Prussian-Austrian squadron May 9, 1864 at Helgoland in the Navy's preliminary final naval battle. Source: http://www2.forsvaret.dk/viden-om/historie/sovarnets/Pages/Soevaernetshistorie2.aspx
  13. Sent the email. Luckily I bought the game last night but lets hope this issue gets resolved asap so others can get the game as well
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