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    Will there be a multiplayer aspect to the game?

    For me Multiplayer is also the deciding factor here. I have been looking for a strategy game to scratch my Close combat itch, and a points based custom battle multiplayer mode would be glorious.
  2. In this particular case the flag plant was fair and legitimate. I have no issues with planting a flag when the opposing nation isn't around. The trouble was the fleet that sailed from Fort Baii 30 mins after the flag was planted, as they were invulnerable up until the last few seconds before entering the port battle (Evading a regular battle because it takes 20s to engage). I have no issue with the result of the port battle itself, Denmark-Norway simply played to the rules of the game and won the PB. I also find it more than hilarious that the RUS players are calling my post "whiny" when it is clearly a well reasoned suggestion to fix issues with the game. (As opposed to this thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10478-why-the-hell-runners-nation-win-pb-with-just-run/ oh and do note the thread starter!)
  3. Today, the Denmark-Norway faction on PvP1 assaulted Oranjestad, and as of this writing the battle is sill ongoing and not yet decided. This is not a post of whiny unfairness (such as the "We can't autowin with 3rd rates anymore"-thread), but rather a look at mechanics currently in game and how they are contributing to unfun game play and in some cases resulting in exploits. The beginning of this thread is the fact that when the Danish attacked Oranjestad today, their entire fleet of 3rd rates sailed right past a well prepared blockade fleet, without any chance for us to engage them due to their invulnerability timer. And when I say "no chance" I mean that in the mathematical sense. The formula: invulnerability time + time to engage(20s) > time to sail from Fort Baii to Oranjestad, simple maths making it entirely impossible to stop any ship willing to enter the port battle from just docking at Fort Baii before sailing there. This pushed me over the edge and I decided to create this thread. I had prepared for 30 mins to intercept their fleet and yet despite doing everything right and being in the perfect position, there was nothing I could do. From this experience I have a couple of suggestions: The invisibility timer should be removed once you raise your sails. This allows you to pick a direction and then speed away, while giving some much needed grace time for slower machines. The invulnerability timer when undocking should be a maximum of 15 seconds. Should you undock into a world of s**t then you can always just dock up again. The radius for entering a Port battle should be lowered to a range requiring you to actually be close to the port. Currently in the Swedish nation we have a serious problem with lower end ships entering port battles. This kills the port battle as a well organized fleet of 3rd rates won't care about a few Cerberuses, and with current BR mechanics they take up valuable space needed to maintain the BR difference. My suggestions for an overall improvement of Port Battles are: Change the BR difference system entirely into a ticket system. Each team has x tickets, lose a ship, lose y tickets. If your tickets are at 0, too bad, you lose. Larger ships lose more tickets for your team. (The important bit here is that your Cerberus might sink, but if it is worth a 10th of a 3rd rate then whatevs.) Allow for assault fleets to be formed using a group system where the flag carrier can form a "raid group" (see the solution of raid groups in MMOs like World of Warcraft) containing 25 people in total. These people are given priority to join the port battle, preventing randoms from sneaking spots from an organized assault. (The raid group should also have its own chat once formed, allowing "raid leaders" to communicate with a fleet of randoms easily.) A "Quick fix" for the BR gaming currently abused with under crewed 3rd rates is to scale the BR with the undercrewed penalties. And now for the general over world PvP experience. Reinforcements are the most unfun mechanic I've seen in a long time, it completely discourses people to actively engage the enemy anywhere near their territory except for in missions. People engaged in missions often have no other option then to abandon their mission as they can not call for help. My suggestions for general over world PvP fixes would be: Remove AI reinforcements everywhere but in the immediate area around ones capital. Should an enemy join your mission, convert it to a mission open to your friendly faction for 10 mins. Mark battles that has fleet members in them with red swords instead of the regular ones. Add a limited time to the post battle screen, currently it is possible to sit in it seemingly forever. (Id suggest something akin to 3 mins.) Finally I would like to add that regardless of what I have written here the devs should follow their own minds and plans. I know from experience that players writing design suggestions on forums often miss core values of a game or lack an understanding of how systems are built into each other to create a whole. And as always there is the most precious commodity, time to be spent on implementation, and there I can't give you any guidance (Or well, I could, but you would have to hire me )
  4. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    Why the Hell Runners-Nation win PB with just RUN?

    Actually I would like to argue that it is a GREAT mechanic currently as it prevents fleets from being formed with just the heaviest a nation has. It leaves excellent room for smaller ships like Trincs to fill a role in port battles even late game. Similar to how EvE online does it with the significance of light tackle, you need a way to lock down the enemy to bring your big guns to bare. While I agree that this might seem weird in a port battle, it has been a common theme throughout military history to evade and delay you enemy until the odds are in your favor and that is exactly what I'm seeing here.
  5. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    The Resource Economy Crisis

    I sort of agree. For any larger nation this hold true, you could go to sparsely populated areas and just buy materials. Unfortunately for the small clustered nations the iron shortage was becoming real. It was putting a strain on our nations ability to level up crafters, to the point where I couldn't use any crafting hours unless I was willing to pay 300g for each iron. Had we a neutral faction of traders, this might be alleviated, but as it was this was an unsustainable situation. What I do agree with is that it got corrected too much. It would have been enough to lower the requirement for iron, ports did not need to start producing iron at a vastly accelerated rate. This is all short term ofc, in the long term, with alliances and trade agreements, this will be far less of a problem, but as it currently stands, it is killing especially Swedens ability to resist the only enemy we have, the Danes.
  6. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    The Current Game State

    FlyMario, Id like to suggest something not many have suggested so far. Find a clan and some friends I can understand that doing missions solo is hard, I have trouble with it myself sometimes. With friends they can help you complete missions and raid traders, the game is really far more fun that way What nation are you playing as?
  7. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    A Simple Navigational Aid

    What Galaga Galaxian showed seems like a very reasonable navigational aid, and something I would love to see in game.
  8. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    Ambassador Office

    Sweden Swedish Archipelago Artillery [sAAA] - Clan Leader IGN: Simon Sillare English, Swedish
  9. Either Loot sharing or even better, just send the loot to port with the captured ship. That would be my preferred solution as it is far more realistic than reloading cargo onto a warship, you can divide loot later.
  10. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    Typo in clan tag. May we have it corrected?

    I'm the creator and indeed I was too tired. It should be "SAA".
  11. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    Navigation Aids

    A line measuring direction and distance would go a long way towards navigating properly.
  12. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    My concerns about the crafting system

    I agree that the current crafting system has some extreme flaws in relation to people having Alts, on the other hand it allows for people to act as suppliers to a crafter. I agree wholeheartedly on the craftig quality issues mentioned in the first post as well.
  13. Fluffy_Fleshwall

    Nations after wipe?

    There are more Swedes coming after the wipe. We are a bunch of noobs coming back into the game and organizing ourselves as "Skärgårdsartilleriet". An old offshoot from the Swedish navy during 1866-1873.