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  1. Hi Jeheil 1. Battle Sails provide a good balance of speed and maneuverability and saving your sails from being damaged too much by chain shot. B prompts battle sail setup, w and s will go one step up (half) or down (slow) from that setting. 2. I dont know. However you'll mostly want to go into survival to pump faster and to fix leaks faster. 3. You need to learn manual sails. Especially in bigger ships it will give you some pretty big advantages (e.g. turn radius). Its not rocket science either. Once you wrap your head around it, its pretty straightforward. 4. Not 100% sure how its been coded except for the long fire further part 5. Different range, damage, load time etc. You can lock and unlock different decks from firing with F1-F4 keys. Using that you can aim and fire long broadsides with different gun types seperately. Ok I hope this makes up for our brutally unbalanced "duel"
  2. Can you edit the poll to clarify what I have to click if I want the names gone? Bit confused. Is it "the names over the ships no"? Oh what we then need btw is at least editable ship names on the stern so there is some way to distiguish ships as long as their looks are not customizable (which they should only be in historical colours and stuff so we dont get pink or whatever).
  3. Wasnt stuff like that caused by burning wads blown into the ships side with the shot on short range? Remember reading something like that in hornblower.
  4. I had one today refusing to fight because apparently 1 constitution (him) with a surprise against two trincs wasnt worth his trouble... mostly because he considered the battle too small for his liking. great times ...
  5. Sounds great I would be against repair kits. The three are already a lot and reverting a huge amount of damage in a short time. I would rather see the basic punishment a ship can take increased than even more magic healing. specific fire extinguishing actions in survival mode sound like a good choice though. As for explosions even with powder boys running around and keeping stored charges on the decks to a minimum you could well implement smaller explosions that would be similar to gunshot hits although this could probably be included in the overall fire damage. If you can model the fire reaching a certain magazine it should go up and the ship should be done for no rescue possible... seriously tons of gunpowder going up in a confined space... that cannot and must not be fixable of course magazine explosions should be a bit rare... enough to bring a small and awesome random element to the fights but rare enough not to impact overall gameplay and battle mechanics... after all I am pretty sure you dont have michael bay on your team... love where all of this fire stuff is going though
  6. Ryan


    The lack of popularity in the poll may be due to the poll having lots of more known ships like agamemnon etc which are then voted for. The result may actually be different if the poll was about certain types of ships eg: Would you like more frigates, sols, corvettes, galleys. Personally I do not really need or want galleys since they should be obsolete in pretty much every scenario except when they luck out and there is next to no wind on the map... however I would guess that this would rarely happen since my gut says developers would limit wind to slow as a minimum to keep overall gameplay possible. A battle with 2kts of wind would be a real pain.
  7. I'd say just make all names the same colour and make people look at the flags
  8. Pretty sure I didnt have any no fire bugs but I get the armour melting away pretty often. Will try to put out a report next time.
  9. just buy additional steam codes once its on early access and gift them if you want to donate
  10. I dont have much money but I am 100% happy with what i got at this point and actually more scared of further development making it bad
  11. Yeah. Problem though is that paypal usually doesnt give a shit and once stuff like this happens it drags out forever until people move on and find another way. Pretty sure that none of the massive screw ups like this by paypal that I have seen so far has ever been actually resolved or reverted. Keeping my fingers crossed though.
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