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  1. K.....TY....just did not want to mess up my character on PVP EU
  2. Is it possible to play or have a character on 2 or more servers. In other words, have a character on PVP EU server w rank Master & Comander then start playing on PVE server & NOT use the Forged Papers or whatever to move your XP & Gold from PVP EU. Just start as Midshipman & progress from there. What about doing the same thing on the PVP Global server? you would end up with 3 characters, these characters would have the same name but would have their own rank, xp, & gold. Is that possible without screwing things up??? I'm thinking I would like some times to just sail around do trading and missions without getting jumped. Other times having a scrap is fun....Just when I want to.
  3. Been in NA for a while now. Got over 1000 hrs in so far. I have the highest rank (whatever that is in whatever nation) and a 47...almost 48 crafting level. I live in the Central time zone US and I am usually active from early evening (6 to 7PM) my time to shutdown at 2AM my time. I work evening shift Friday thru Monday and I have the great good fortune to be able to play at work when there is nothing to do ("got to take care of bidness but otherwise do what you want"...says the boss) I like to do the trader/ship builder/mission runner thing but do not mind the PVP thing from time to time. Doing long duration raids and ganking is not as interesting to me, but if I can catch a smuggler or help defend against raiders and pirates, I am up for it. I haven't done much of the Port Battle thing but what I did was fun. The only problem is being able to be online when they are happening since they seem to happen too early in the day for me and if it happens while I am at work and some Bidness pops up I have to leave my ship to burn. I am in Brit land now but could switch nations for the rite situation. I have Team Speak and would prefer an English speaking clan. If you are interested let me know & we can hook up on TS and see if it would be a good fit for you & me. Later......Tac
  4. Thanks Anolytic....I thought that was the way it would work but wasn't sure. Thanks again for the info.
  5. If you log on after the wipe and want to change nationality you can do that....just do not use your redeemables to get your old rank and crafting level. If you change nationality and hang out in the new nation for a while and want to then switch to another nation or back to the one you were in originally, as long as you do not use your redeemables you can do that. When you are finally happy with where you are then use redeemables for rank, craft XP and the ships. I think I got that. I am not so sure about the Forged Papers thing. Can you use that even if you have used your rank and craft Xp redeemables?? What about the ships you have? Can you be an Admiral with a 50 craft level and use the Forged Papers to switch from say being Spanish to being Danish, one time only, and still be at the top level in rank and craft XP?? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. Well here it is again. I just posted in another topic on the propensity of game developers to try to FORCE their customers to play the game a certain way while claiming all the while that they have made an Open World, "Sandbox", "Play the way you want to" game. Happened in EVE and appears to be happening here. I quit EVE after 4 1/2 years of the devs slowly making it easier and easier for the pirates and gankers to kill the "Carebears". I won't wait that long here.
  7. I am sorry but this is right in the middle of one of my pet peeves with these Open World, "Sandbox", "play the game the way you want to", MMO games. It always seems that the developers have a "Vision" as to how the game "should" be played. If, as time goes by, people are not playing the way they "should" then there are "adjustments" made to bring them back in line. Apparently, as in most of these MMO games the developers think players "should" be heavy into PVP. The whole point of the game is PVP. "If you ain't doin PVP then you ain't doodley squat and we would just as soon have you leave our game", seems to be the hidden message here. This is what happened when I played EVE some years ago. The devs continually made "adjustments" to the game to make it harder for the miners, crafters, and ship builders to do their thing and get products to market, and to make it easier for the raiders, pirates, and gankers to get to the "carebears". The business people would come up with a way to get around the gankers and safely to market and you could count on the devs to come up with an "adjustment" to make it easier for the gankers to find and kill the carebears. I finally quit. 4 1/2 years and I quit. You could say that pirates and such were a fact of life in the Caribbean during that time and that mite be true, but there was not the population density of pirates and gankers that there is in a MMO like this, where you could hardly sail from 1 port to the next 1 down the coast without getting jumped. If you are now going to take away even the "chance" of making a profit from crafting and ship building by making it MUCH harder to do, then what you are saying, even if you will not admit it, is that you want this to be a PVP only game and if we players aren't that into PVP....Well...Please leave. Please don't get me wrong. I don't mind doing PVP...It is fun from time to time. I like to run missions too but I hear that has also been made MUCH more difficult...Don't know, haven't done it yet, just seeing stuff go by in chat. However if all there is to do here is PVP and we are FORCED to do PVP cause you can't do anything else then I know my interest in the game will go way down. I just hope that some day someone will make one of these MMOs that has a nice balance between the crafting and the PVP. This one has potential. It is a beautiful game and I have liked it so far. I hope they can keep it together. PS to those who don't like my use of quotes, capitalization, punctuation, spelling or grammar....Well...I can't say that here but just use your imagination.
  8. Will there be a day or 2 warning when the wipe happens or will we just come in 1 day and SURPRISE!!!! ?
  9. When the wipe happens: Will you still be the same nationality you are now?? If you are the same nationality can you change, and if you do do you you lose everything?? Why can't we be given a starting amount of gold? I can see where it would be difficult to keep track of and transfer your existing gold but I worked for what I got...At least give a million or 2 to get started again. That would be easy to do...just type in "Give everybody 2 Million"!!!! See....Easy!!
  10. OK...... The Devs need to make up their minds. You start fishing and bottle finding and I was getting bottles every 5 to 10 minutes (too much obviously). Then there is a collective freak out and the bottle thing got shut down. BIG uproar over that!!! So bottles came back, not as frequent as the 1st time but they were not rare. Now the pendulum has swung the other way. We can fish but can forget about bottles and big fish. I fished the last 3 days putting in 18+ at sea days, collecting over 1500 units of fishmeat, and found NOT 1 BOTTLE, NOT 1 BIG FISH. I sailed far from the home waters to no avail. I hear that those that do find the rare bottle will have the wreck WAY far away in hostile waters. Obviously we have some "adjustments" going on. What is going on???? Why not tell us the players the whys and wherefores of what you are trying do to. I DISLIKE SECRECY. Honestly, I am not a programmer but I am SURE I could come up with a better way of handling this fishing/bottle thing. I have heard that some are afraid that too many gold mods will ruin the market. That sounds fair. Just make any mods found ones that cannot be made by the crafters....simple. OR JUST DO AWAY WITH BOTTLES ALL TOGETHER. But you need to be honest and upfront. If you want to encourage exploration say so. If you feel this should be a mainly PVP game say that. Let us know and not "Manipulate" the game rules to force the players to do what you want. If you want my thoughts on how to do the fishing/bottle thing I will gladly give it.
  11. Holy Cow.......What in the World is going on here......12 HOURS......ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!
  12. Yep......Something is SCREWED UP. AI does insane damage to crew and AI has insane accuracy. Now throw in the whole sugar/rum/Med Kit "feature" and we cannot make enough gold to replace crew that we lose if we run missions. Are we being FORCED to do PVP???? I get real suspicious when there are so many "coincidences" that line up. It makes it look like the Developers are trying to steer the game play in a direction they want it to go. In other words they have a fixed idea on how they think the game should be played and to hell with what the players want to do, "You Vill Play The Vay Ve Vant You To, Or Ve Vill Make It Impossible For You To Play". Dunno....when we get no explanations and there are these "coincidences" my paranoia creeps in. This is the same sort of thing that happened in EVE. The Developers wanted less mission running and less of the mining/ship building/trading stuff going on so they kept "adjusting" the game to favor the ganking/pirate/PVP players that it became almost impossible to play unless you played the way the Devs wanted the game to be played. I sure hope that does not happen here.
  13. I like both suggestions.....An officer with the Navigator perk that could indicate your approximate position on the map, perhaps as a circle. The higher the officer gets in rank the smaller the circle gets. Crafted navigation aids would also help the navigator. A junior officer with basic equipment would produce a fairly large circle on the map. A much higher ranked officer with exceptional equipment could pinpoint your location pretty close.
  14. OK....For the Devs and everyone else I am in the Danish area. There are only 2 towns in that end of the map that have sugar, both are in hostile areas and both are long sails from my area of operation. None of the other commodities that we need are so rare. WHY?? My request is that the whole sugar/rum/medkit system be made less rare and SO expensive. Since all the other commodities have a fairly even distribution the sugar should also. Unless there is a reason to make it so difficult and expensive. What would be that reason??
  15. My original point is that sugar is very rare....only 2 towns in my end of the map have even the option to have a sugar plantation. Both towns are a long sail thru dangerous waters. Even if I can make it to 1 of those towns there is no telling how much the sugar would cost even if there was any for sale. Forget about putting in a plantation there and trying to make pickup runs thru the enemy infested waters. Like I said, the whole sugar/rum/medkit system needs adjustment....Too rare and WAY too expensive. The crew hire system is WAY too expensive also.
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