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  1. Only if you had that sort of money though lol
  2. I agree that the ships atm are balanced and I hope you can keep to your promises becuase many devs havent an example of this would be dungeon keeper moible game from EA which was awful and put the final nail in the coffin for that series.
  3. Pretty sure he fires 5-10+ bullets from that he will flip over lol
  4. I agree with King having your own character would make it more immersive and would make people play the game more but atm I think they should stay focused on the ships until they are done.
  5. Could you make a option for it in the menu?
  6. Will there be more ambient noises because the game is very quiet with exception from the cannon fire.
  7. I have played both WoT and WT both are enjoyable but the grind in both got silly and it took ages to get to but still fun
  8. A mix of some great songs from AC4 Black Flag
  9. As the title says will there be sea shanties/music in the game later on.
  10. Haha I have actually seen people play this and the writing is very good lol.
  11. How would you say its a fail game? P.S. Like your signature lol
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