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  1. I have to say I feel the TP WOULD be abused if this was the case, PVP players would set up their Capitol Port closer to the front line and be ready to 'Warp' there in an instance if hostile ships turn up. Something more along the lines of PotBS perhaps would be better, which is to a limited extent already in NA, and that's the ability to Fast Travel to an Outpost WITHOUT your ship. But even with this it could still be exploited. For example if a player had several combat ships they can simply TP between them albeit with a cooldown. I would actually like to see a limit on the total number o
  2. Yes I agree with Olav on this one, being thats its still Alpha bugs and crashes are never far away! So unfortunately I doubt there is anything that can be done.
  3. yes this is a good I idea. The Constitution for example will be totally missed by some players as they will go from 350 crew to 650 in one rank, so you can jump from the Trinco to the 3rd rate's. Unless the Crew - rank has changed since I last looked of course.
  4. hey thanks, I couldn't find any help on Friday and wanted to play over the weekend so just decided to take the plunge and start over. But thank you anyway for the offer Captain.
  5. Hey everyone, With the recent patch dropping allowing players to switch nation I am looking to do just that! I was sailing under the black flag but its just not as much fun as I though it might be. So im looking for a very kind soul to 'look after' my ship and gold while I reroll a new character? I am currently stationed in Conquibacao, a little way west of Willemstad (The Dutch Capitol). What im asking is if someone would very kindly hold my belongings while I delete my existing char, make a new one and sail over to Conquibacao from Willemstad. If someone with some decent forum re
  6. Hey Guys, any chance I could join? I am sailing as a Pirate at the moment but its not as enjoyable as I thought it might be. So as soon as the update that lets you keep your XP drops I will be making the switch! I also wanted to ask if it would be possible for someone to 'look after' my ship and gold when I do? I have already stationed myself in a neutral port in the south near Willemstad? If anyone could help me when the update goes Live I would be very grateful!
  7. Can I just confirm im reading this right? I am A pirate, and want to change to the Dutch. I delete my char (after the update of course) and make a new 'Dutch' character, I will loose all my gold/ships but start a new with my XP still intact? If so that is wonderful news indeed! I was very near to re-rolling and being that im at rank 'Raider' I was felling a little hard done by! So really fantastic news if this is the case
  8. ^^ Exactly, its an Age of Sail game..... So they didn't have GPS and neither should we! As Marx states, Take your time to learn, you'll get it! Would be hugely disappointed if they suddenly added this, its just not fitting for the game! Map and Compass all day long.
  9. A similar system to what they have on PotBS would be good, but instead of the player having a title like in PotBS, it would be for your ship, so for certain milestones or doing this mission or this or that you could receive a ship name/title (or choose from 2-3 options) and then you could apply the title/name to your ship? That way all the names are moderated and made by the Dev's so we don't get anything silly! Simply put its a beautiful idea, and would be very fitting. especially as now in open world if you see a ship it gives you the name of its captain, which you would not be able to
  10. Hello all, Been away for a while as I started at uni in September so have been rather occupied recently, and secondly I have kind of been waiting for the game to hit the soft release on steam. As im hoping that's when there wont be anymore server wipes?!?! I love the game and have 60+ hours on steam but have yet to get the Beautiful Bellona sadly in open world or before! (Apologies if I have spelt that wrong) and cant spare the time to keep grinding to it... Anyway enough moaning about a wonderful game and back on point, So I was thinking, is the game going to have some form of in game
  11. I really dont like the Idea of this one Sorry. I am playing as the Dutch at the moment and the only vessel I really want to sail is the Bellona. I don't want to have to play as a certain nation just to sail my favourite ship/s. I like the idea of each nation having some small bonus/s though, for example the Dutch could perhaps carry more Cargo in their Merchant ships, or a Nation could get a 2% increase in armour or reload speed ect... each having their own, very slight, bonuses. something like that would be nice, just enough to give each Nation some 'Unique-ness'. I also like the idea of havi
  12. Hi all, would like to ask about the availability of Keys? I have been really enjoying the game thus far. I am a former PotBS player and have a couple of friends that I would really like to get into the alpha with. I have no doubt they would be able to give some great feedback to you guys either directly or through me on the forums. I also would love to give you guys some more Gold as I think this game is really shaping itself into something wonderful. If an admin could point me in the right direction as to how I go about getting a couple more keys that I can give to my friends I would be most
  13. Wind, may I ask what the ship is in your Signature? it looks like the Prince/Indomitable from POTBS! now thats a gorgeous vessel. The Ocean looks rather Pretty too! Look forward to seeing it in game!
  14. Great Job, was looking for something like this!
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