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  1. Thanks I appreciate that jodgi, how many Notes would you require? I currently have an abundance of Silver so could work out well for all. Would need a few days to get enough Labour hours of course
  2. Hello everyone, So looking into getting my hands on a Bellona. Unfortunately im am a long way off being able to craft one my self, level 29 crafting. So would like to make a proposition to any and all DUTCH Shipwright's capable of crafting her. My proposition is simple, in exchange for crafting one for me I would produce all the required materials and the gold coins for the crafting notes. I only have a level 2 shipyard so am unable to craft the HG notes. Looking at NA Craft I can see a Ballona takes 1465 Labour Hours to craft + 310 for each HG note, that I am unable to make, giving a total Labour Cost of 2705. So I am offering 3000 labour hours and all crafting material and gold coins in exchange. I am going to be available over the coming few weeks as I have a bit more time, So we can arrange times for when you need my services for labour hours ect. If anyone would be willing to help I would be very grateful and would appreciate a comment below or PM so that we can sort the details. Kind regards, Samuel van Heerden
  3. Thank you all for your replies! Sounds like some big changes have been and gone during my absence! The compass wood thing sounds a little crazy! As too does the limited of rate ships in PB's to be honest? But then im quite a casual player and have yet to be a part of a PB so its not really for me to comment. The new PVE content you mention, and doing admiral missions sounds a little far fetched but if you says it possible..... I may look into trying to capture some more vessels. I am craft rank 27 so I will continue to work at that and maybe if I put enough in over the next week or two I may be able to craft something myself, will have to get lucky with those bp drops though! Thanks again for all the info captains, much appreciated!
  4. Hello, so recently started playing a little as I have finished my exams ect now, woo! So when I logged on the first time the other day, Since maybe February, I was delighted to see that my rank had increased! and I could potentially sail a larger ship. I was so excited it was amazing! Then I hit up the marketplace to see what the Dutch Shipwright's had been up too, and of course hoping to find a shiny new toy to play with...... I was massively disappointed to find that there were only a sprinkling a 4th rates and above, and those that are available are being sold for crazy money! I mean, near 2million for a fine 4th rate! really!?!? When the exceptional trinco's are being sold for max, 5-600k. So yea I don't know, I have been away for a good few months so I guess things have changed! Just find it odd that the step up in price gap is so large! Anyone want to fill me in as to why this may be the case please feel free! I know there are clans, guilds ect and that they will produce ships for their own as a priority ect and port battles and all that goodness but the open market is just crazy. Still yet to sail the Bellona, the only ship that I really want, and I guess as close as I thought I was im actually rather far away! Sorry if this comes across like a rant, its not my intent to cause a stir! im just a little... gutted I guess that I have to wait on for a rate. but hey ho, sails up and on we go
  5. I have to say I feel the TP WOULD be abused if this was the case, PVP players would set up their Capitol Port closer to the front line and be ready to 'Warp' there in an instance if hostile ships turn up. Something more along the lines of PotBS perhaps would be better, which is to a limited extent already in NA, and that's the ability to Fast Travel to an Outpost WITHOUT your ship. But even with this it could still be exploited. For example if a player had several combat ships they can simply TP between them albeit with a cooldown. I would actually like to see a limit on the total number of Ships a player can have access to at a single time, I am not so keep on the idea of having a Personal Armada moored around the game world. 5 say would be more than enough. in all fairness the TP to Cap was only intended as an Aid should you have gotten stuck on the Open World, but people seem to see it as a feature now and want it expanded upon, I can only hope the Devs do not yield to this and at most keep it as an Aid!
  6. Couldn't agree more. Quineloe your clear very passionate about this subject! I have to agree with you on many of these points. Especially the bottom one, however there is a major issue that would make things very difficult if they simply eradicated missions altogether. And that is that there simply wouldn't be enough ships on the open seas for people to engage and fight. We would be competing to simply 'find' targets. I think the Mission system allows us players the option to play at our own pace, and not have to worry about someone else jumping a ship you were about to tag on the OS. Lets say in PotBS for example, which I played towards the end with the player base on the slender side, we basically 'Fleeted' on there, looking for the big 8 or sometimes even 12 ship fleets to engage as a group. Now as I say I played towards the end when the Player Base was dwindling and we still had other player 'Fleets' engaging targets we wanted to engage ourself. Imagine if the game was full of players, like NA, I find it hard to see NA without some form of mission system because of the simple fact there just wouldn't be enough enemy ships to go around to satisfy the demand. The concept is fine I just think it would struggle in practice. and with regards to 'Copying' an idea from other games well I say, what's wrong with that?If its not broke why fix it?
  7. As for no. 1) I an not 100% sure, I believe that should you wish to play you need a steam account as all your details are tied to it (Feel free to correct me if Im wrong anyone) and for no. 2) Yes you get to keep XP but you will loose any gold, ships and warehouse goods. As for Craft XP I believe you keep that too but im not 100% on that (Experience, Switched from Pirates to Dutch)
  8. Yes I agree with Olav on this one, being thats its still Alpha bugs and crashes are never far away! So unfortunately I doubt there is anything that can be done.
  9. Hello Captains, So I know you can 'Join' missions of your friends if you are in a group, but what about Missions that are designed for Groups? So perhaps it would work a little something like this... To be able to take a 'Group' Mission you would need to have you group/fleet formed, then as a group you would have a Fleet Strength based on your overall BR, the mission would then be set in proportion to you fleets BR. The mission would also become available to take from the Missions tab in towns, and the leader of the group would need take the mission on behalf of the group. At the moment you can just group up, take 3, 4, 5, 6+ missions or whatever and do them but they are only designed for a single Captain. So the missions are relatively straight forward, easy, boring and well, a grind... (I hate that word) So with this concept you would be fighting a number of ships in relative proportion to your own fleet and everyone would prosper! (and hopefully lead to a more enjoyable experience) I'm certain most players would be happy to form up a group like this and get that 'Fleet' Experience. It would also lead nicely to helping players towards PVP and fleet battles, as clans and players in general can use it to practice and learn the differences between fleet battles and single captain instances. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, So if it has apologies, im not trying to steal anyone's idea but its certainly a concept worth talking about. Thoughts please Captains, Samuel
  10. yes this is a good I idea. The Constitution for example will be totally missed by some players as they will go from 350 crew to 650 in one rank, so you can jump from the Trinco to the 3rd rate's. Unless the Crew - rank has changed since I last looked of course.
  11. hey thanks, I couldn't find any help on Friday and wanted to play over the weekend so just decided to take the plunge and start over. But thank you anyway for the offer Captain.
  12. Hey everyone, With the recent patch dropping allowing players to switch nation I am looking to do just that! I was sailing under the black flag but its just not as much fun as I though it might be. So im looking for a very kind soul to 'look after' my ship and gold while I reroll a new character? I am currently stationed in Conquibacao, a little way west of Willemstad (The Dutch Capitol). What im asking is if someone would very kindly hold my belongings while I delete my existing char, make a new one and sail over to Conquibacao from Willemstad. If someone with some decent forum rep of the Dutch nation would be willing to help I would be most grateful, Please message me so we can arrange a time, I should be about most of the weekend. Samuel
  13. Hey all, So have been off the game for a few weeks as I heard about the following, http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9563-upcoming-patches-this-week/page-1 So we can change nation when this drops and we can keep our XP right? I have been patiently waiting as my character is currently a pirate and I would very much like to sail under the Dutch flag. With the news that this was in the pipeline I put the game on hold. As the title states 'Upcoming Patches This Week' im confused as to why we have no word on this? Last I checked the original topic has over 13k views and I presuming many others are awaiting some new on this? The Devs/Admin are near faultless on these here forums at keeping us up to date and I have seen posts from them over the last week or so since they posted this in different topics/posts, so I am a little confused as to why we have not heard anything about this patch and where things are at? I'm not looking to start a debate about this that and something else, im just looking for some clarification, is the patch still coming? Has it hit some problems that you didn't anticipate and in turn led to a delay in its release or it it simply now not going to happen? I would love to know so that I can get back on the game but am kinda waiting for this. I do not want to start a new character if this is coming very soon, and if its not coming then I can either carry on as a Pirate or suck it up and roll a new toon. Please please any information on this would be fantastic! And to anyone reading this post, Im not looking to cause arguments or start moaning or firing shots at people or anything like that so if you don't have something useful to contribute I suggest you ignore this post Fair Winds Captains, Samuel
  14. Hey Guys, any chance I could join? I am sailing as a Pirate at the moment but its not as enjoyable as I thought it might be. So as soon as the update that lets you keep your XP drops I will be making the switch! I also wanted to ask if it would be possible for someone to 'look after' my ship and gold when I do? I have already stationed myself in a neutral port in the south near Willemstad? If anyone could help me when the update goes Live I would be very grateful!
  15. Can I just confirm im reading this right? I am A pirate, and want to change to the Dutch. I delete my char (after the update of course) and make a new 'Dutch' character, I will loose all my gold/ships but start a new with my XP still intact? If so that is wonderful news indeed! I was very near to re-rolling and being that im at rank 'Raider' I was felling a little hard done by! So really fantastic news if this is the case
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